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Buffalo Wild Wings

4 Apr

Buffalo Wild Wings is a fantastic place to watch sports.  Every location I’ve been to has about a hundred TVs showing everything you could ever want.

Lots of TVs.  Bar. Chicken Wings.

So why don’t I LOVE this place?  I should be SERIOUSLY loving this place.  It SHOULD be my favorite place.   My “Go-to” move.   And it isn’t.   Every few months I revisit and ask myself.  I think I have finally found some answers.

1.  Atmosphere.    The two or three locations I frequent are clean and nice.  Usually filled with families enjoying dinner while dad “zones-out” watching sports.      It is almost too polite.   Too corporate.  I usually spend my time in bars with a bit of a rowdy crowd.   This is about as wild as an Applebee’s.    (note;  Applebee’s is NOT wild.  ever.  just so you know.  It’s very mild. relaxed.  moving on…)

It’s a nice, clean, professional atmosphere and I am the one with the problem?    I guess I am just a jerk.

2.  The waitstaff.   I think I have a legit claim here because the handful of times I have been to a BWW, the service wasn’t very good.  It’s not because I am used to being served by bikini/hotpants/sexy-outfit women either.  So stop that thought right now.   The staff has never been rude or anything but they haven’t been conversational or friendly either.   They serve and that’s it.    Almost like good lil’ BWW robots.  The greeters are especially bored and lifeless.

3.  The food.   Here is where they should have me slayed.  But the onion rings, mini corn dogs, chicken tenders, fries, and burgers are all pretty bland.

ON A SIDE NOTE:  The sour cream/chives flavored POTATO WEDGES were the best damn item on the menu!!! good stuff!!!!!

Their wings are big and juicy.   That’s where it ends for me because I have been up and down the sauce dial and I haven’t found a sauce they make that stands out.   That makes me want to return just for that item.  I think that one thing could be key.   A new “signature sauce” that was KILLER and only available there would turn this thing around.  As of now, most of the flavors they have, I can find just about anywhere.

This whole thing leaves me sad, really.    When it’s Basketball Finals or Stanley Cup playoffs – I couldn’t recommend a better place to watch the game with your buds.   Watched a OU / TX football game at a BWW once, and it was rowdy as HELL and a fantastic time was had by all.  Good times!

I just wish I could get as excited about the food as much as I do the fanfare.



19 Mar

Yeah, you read that right.  The name of the sauce is called HOTTER THAN A MOFO.

It’s the brainchild of comedy and radio guy –  J. Anthony Brown.   The 5 oz bottle comes in a tube with a wick on the top.   It’s cute packaging that slyly reminds you that what you are holding in your hand is dynamite.

I originally thought this was like some other “gimmick” sauces out there.   Basic sauce – label it something crazy like – BURN YA BUNS sauce – and BOOM….some people buy it just because the label was funny.  Not so.  This is full-on-heat.

I actually discovered this sauce at ZESTFEST and I tried it.   It was pretty decent.   Then it built….kept building…. and I’ll be damned…after a few samples my mouth was burning!!!!!!!!!!!!    WOOO— Hotter Than a MOFO!!!!!     I am looking for my water bottle and then I met the company spokesman – a SUPERHERO!

I shall let HOTTER THAN A MOFO MAN speak for himself!   

I love hot pepper sauces and this one tastes like several different pepper blends coming together to build a sauce powerhouse.   You can order it at .  Also on that site you will find other products such as salsa, other sauces, spicy peanuts, and more.  I think you will enjoy this sauce if you love hot stuff as much as I do.

WING-TIME Buffalo Wing Sauce

5 Feb

America.  Land of the Free.  Home of the HOTWING.

You can get some kind of hotwing at just about every restaurant these days.   That is just a comforting, delicious, and awesome thought.

Making them at home can be almost as good (almost) as the ones you get from your favorite restaurant.  One thing to keep in mind is that sauce is king.  You can have some great wings with just some hot pepper sauce.   But restaurants usually kick up that sauce with things like butter.

I have purchased so many hot pepper/wing sauces that I could build a house out of the empty bottles.   Most of them aren’t very good.

ENTER:  Wing-Time.  This is a very close-to-restaurant-style sauce.   I think the key is they didn’t just make a pepper sauce.  It’s a developed and complete sauce with hints of that butter flavor you find in all restaurant sauces.   This sauce takes the guess-work out of it for you and is just grab-and-go.   I like that and I like this sauce.    I found it at Whole Foods.  It has several flavors but I went with the HOT variety.  Kick some of those other boring pepper sauces to the curb and try something that has full flavor and can turn you store-bought- wings into something hotter and better.   It’s Wing-Time, baby!

TASTE TEST: Carl’s Jr. Buffalo Strips

22 Mar

LORD knows I loves me some chicken wings. I say LOVES me some chicken wings. The marriage of tender yet crispy chicken mixed with a super spicy sauce makes my mouth water.

So when I passed Carl’s Jr. and saw they offered Buffalo Strips I flipped a “U” all Bo Duke style and cruised right on in.

Now, if you have paid any attention to this blog, you might have read my article about Wendy’s awhile back.

Wendy’s came out with Boneless Buffalo Wings and I was super excited. I liked them. And they didn’t last. That is my luck.

Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of being able to swing into a place like Carl’s Jr. and get restaurant style chicken strips covered in a sauce that has some nice “kick”- just about anytime I want.

Wings, Boneless or otherwise, are really more of a restaurant item. They take awhile to make RIGHT, so fast food places usually steer clear of them.

So I am very impressed with Carl’s Jr. for taking the chance and making something that is readily available, AND tastes like the kind of strips you would find in a great sports bar.

These were so good, I actually had them three days in a row over this last weekend, and that is something I almost NEVER do.



5 Mar
cane's by Junk Food Critic
cane’s, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I hate it when I am right. Near The Parks in Arlington, there has been a Church’s Chicken for as long as I can remember.

Several months ago, I saw new construction being done in the lot next to Church’s; where once stood a Don Pablo’s.

A few weeks later and I see the billboard….coming soon…. RAISING CANE’S!!


I love’s me some Cane’s. The SUCKY thing is that there all of their locations are nowhere near me, so I was more than a little excited by this announcement.

I also predicted that within six months of Cane’s opening….that chicken joint next door would close.

As you can see…. it’s toast. And NOT the absolutely YUMMY toast from Raising Cane’s that I am eating while sitting in the empty parking lot writing this story, but “toast” as in game over…done…finished…. out of business.

Cane’s is one of those great places because it’s up and coming and most people have no idea what they are about.

I have had the pleasure if introducing several people to this place and they are all immediate converts. The food is just consistently delicious and the staff is beyond friendly!

…now back to this toast….


20 Feb
wingstop by Junk Food Critic

The good LORD knows I loves me some chicken wings. LOVES. ME. SOME. CHICKEN. WINGS.

It dawned on me this weekend, that as much as I have had them, I have never actually reviewed them. Officially. So here goes.

The very first time I tried Wingstop, I wasn’t really a fan. The chicken wings themselves were kind of small, and having sugar as part of the seasoning on the fries threw me off. I was also not a fan of their “Original Hot” flavor.

Back then I was also living a few miles from WINGS TO GO. It’s a smaller company, and their wings are HUGE. The chicken tenders are SUPER HUGE. Their sauces were a little on the thin side…but GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY were they HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!

So, it was just a matter of convienence and Wings To Go was super easy.

Well, like most things I love dearly….just about every damn location in the DFW folded. I have no idea why. I can only assume it was because they were going broke giving such huge portions at cheap prices.

So there I was. Adrift. Without a port of chicken to call my own. Then I noticed an expansion of Wingstop in my area. They were popping up everywhere.

I was lamenting to a friend and fellow wing lover, when they suggested we go to a Wingstop and get reacquainted because I had been to harsh on this great place. I reluctantly agreed.

I even let my friend order for the both of us. And what they set in motion that day, has turned into a TORRID and TASTY love affair.

I was introduced to LEMON PEPPER wings. These things are savory and tender and kick ass. I could eat these any time of the day, everyday of my life. They are that damn good.

Next to the Lemon Pepper (I was given a split order – two sauces) there were these dark orange-almost-red-wings.

Ladies and Gentlemen I have met the ATOMIC wing and I bow to it’s wisdom, bravado, and all around sassiness. These damn things are HOT. Actually they are more like HAWT.

So now my ritual (complete with those sugar fries that I now love as well) is to delve into delicious, yummy Lemon Pepper, and then spend the rest of the trip dripping from my eyes and nose because the Atomics are wrecking my sinuses. Trust me kids, it’s a burn that is gonna linger.

Every time I order Atomic, they always ask “Have you had these before” because ATOMIC is NO JOKE. So I nod and inform them that I am well versed in things Atomic.

AND I LOVE IT. I can’t stop eating either flavor.

So there you have it. I love me some Wingstop. If you haven’t tried them, shame on you.

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23 Dec
bstrips by Junk Food Critic
bstrips, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

It has been quite an adventure. I have traveled high and low to cover every “breastaurant” in DFW. Mission accomplished. So I thought I would break it down, and tell ya which one takes home the gold in which category.

The contestants are:







Category ONE, THE PLACE-

In the beginning, this was a lock. Bone Daddy’s had that cool flavor to the the place. Cool deco and the place is laid out well. But after checking out the last minute entry, REDNECK HEAVEN, it is clear…..the REDNECK steals the show. With the MINNOW SHOTS, the indoor babe pool, the Dukes of Hazzard and Smokey & The Bandit memorabilia…… this place just walks away with it!



This is a tough one. If you just want EYE CANDY, then you will probably be able to find something to drool over at each of these places. However I think their personalities and how friendly they are, factors into the whole experience. With that being said, I think it boils down to three: Hooters, Bone Daddy’s, and Redneck Heaven. Each place had HOT girls, but more importantly, these three places seemed to hire girls with better personalities. It was close, Redneck Heaven girls were super friendly, but ultimately Bone Daddy’s had the the whole package.



Another showdown here, as three of them are easily taken out by HOOTERS and BONE DADDY’s. Love some of the stuff at Bone Daddy’s, but they could use just a little more variety and offerings. HOOTERS steps up here and really nails the food. Their wing sauces are UNIQUE and flavorful. Their Burgers are big and tasty. The shrimp was awesome. The food here ROCKS and would be a successful restaurant even without the chicks.(ok maybe I am getting crazy here)