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22 Apr

 We heard you.   We got the txts, the tweets, the emails, the voicemails, the death-threats, and the singing telegrams.   You wanted MORE Junk Food Critic videos.  You wanted less randomness.  You wanted more graphics, better production value, nicer video, and better sound quality.   You asked for the host to talk more about the actual food and be clearer in what we liked and what we didn’t.   We heard your cries, pleas, and suggestions.

And we reject them all.

JUNK FOOD CRITIC is back in all it’s wacky, crazy, who-knows…..because-the-host-doesn’t-even- know- what- the-hell- is-gonna- happen- each- episode…..GLORY. ENJOY.

Happy Meal 2.0

20 Mar

 Back in the day…oh who are we kidding??…. for as long as I have been alive, the Happy Meal has been a great deal.

I mean, lookit:

1 burger

1 order of small fries

1 small drink

1 TOY.

All in a box that usually had some corny jokes or something a kid might be interested in.

Either way, for the most part, it has remained unchanged and is super-successful.

Oh sure, The drink got smaller.   Too small for me actually.  This was easily solved by ordering a second drink.  I was still getting a great deal.    But now, I see the fries are now a half of a small order.   In addition, each Happy Meal comes with some chemically treated apple slices (treated so they stay fresh after the slicing process).

I actually like these apple slices.   So that’s actually a nice sweet ending to the meal.

BUT… taking the fries down to half their normal size just sucks.   It feels like there is only, like, eight fries in the whole box.

Let’s see… one of those in the picture is an actual quarter.   The other one is the new size of happy meal fries.

Yeah.  No optical illusions or camera tricks were used in this post.


So – drink – downsized.    Fries – downsized.   Fruit (longtime enemy to happy meal) now included.

Well at least they still have the TOY!     And when that movie tie-in is something cool, it all evens out.   Unless it’s some sucky Transformer that doesn’t actually transform.   Great.  now I’m depressed.  My once cool, filling, and prize-included go-to move at the golden arches is fading through my fingers like sand.



5 bucks – The Magic Number

15 Nov

 The last couple of weeks I have seen a change in several fast food joints – advertising price more so than the food items themselves.

I originally intended one day last week to write about just how PRICEY everyone is getting (my Wendy’s combo was almost 8 bucks) and is it REALLY worth your money if that drive-thru combo cost as much as a dinner at a modest sit-down restaurant.

Obviously I am not the only one thinking this way.   Several places are putting together 5 and under menus.

My theory is this:  If it’s around 5 bucks people are cool with it. Get closer to a 10 spot and people get a bit itchy.

What is your price-point for fast food?



4 Oct

I HATE bandwagons.   I spend a lot of time out in the streets of the DFW, and I stumble across some great finds.

I have friends that are always telling me to “try this” or “eat that” – and I do eventually.   But I don’t run down the hill to join the latest craze.

That is usually because if there is a lot of BUZZ it’s either insanely good or over-hyped.   If it is the first, I am happy to kick myself for not trying it sooner.  If it is the second, I just feel tricked and grumpy over the whole deal.

So I had a friend see CHOP HOUSE BURGERS on TV and asked me to join them.   I seriously squirmed and tried to come up with a good excuse not to go.

I had seen Chop House a little while back – and remember it because it was in the same shopping center as another former burger joint – Captain Billy Whizzbangs.  (With a name like that, you don’t forget it…it’s closed now….I digress)

So when we arrived, I finally realized the place I thought I should try sometime ago is the exact place my friend saw on TV.

I walk in, and it is a dive.  I like dives, so I am right at home.   The customers are a mix of college kids and older people.  All of whom I am guessing have watched TV and are wanting to check it out.   Argh…..all aboard the bandwagon…..

Most of the staff are college kids and they are fun and upbeat and seem to really enjoy working there.  She finishes up my order and gives me a card – instead of getting my name for the order – they give you a name of some celebrity – so they call out – order for “Marilyn Manson” and the like.   Cute but kinda meh….

But I am already concerned by TWO THINGS:

ONE:  The name is CHOP HOUSE BURGERS.   There is a CHOP HOUSE BURGER in Dallas – so  I can see people getting confused.   Just saying.

TWO:   I ordered a cheeseburger and the girl cautioned me about what I just ordered.   At CHB – a “cheeseburger” is a burger – except instead of using buns – they use grilled cheese sandwiches as buns.   So it’s grilled cheese-burger-another grilled cheese.    That is rather elaborate so I am thankful she corrected me.    She told me what I want is a hamburger with cheese.    That is fine – but it’s confusing.  Not just to me as I heard three others go through the same problem when they ordered.  Maybe just call the Grilled Cheese Burger a “Grilled Cheese Burger” instead of a “Cheeseburger” ?    I think I have just confused myself.  Again.

—  So I am looking around waiting for my order and realizing I have no idea who the hell the celebrity is that they gave me.  Some Twilight person I find out later.

What arrives at my table are a few baskets and I am ready.   Here is where I shoot this down and call it over-hyped nonsense.

AND I AM THE WRONGEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE.   This burger is heavy, thick, juicy–instantly and recognizably different from any burger I have had in a LONG TIME.     These babies are CHAR GRILLED and it sends me to the moon and back.   I HAMMERED that sucker down with the quickness.   I am at a crossroads.  I am at the forefront of tasty burgers.   I am eating THE BEST BURGER I have ever had in Aggtown.  I could not be more serious.

Oh and did I mention the BAD ASSERY that are the onion rings?  Look at those thick and husky monsters.  Not pictured but also devoured were a big basket of sweet potato fries that were just as good.    This place nails it.  This is my new favorite burger joint.  Done and Done.

Overall, the meal I had there was fantastic.   Chop House Burgers in Arlington deserves all the hype,mention,and praise it has received.  It’s a damn fine burger.

Now it’s your turn – get involved in the conversation – voice your own opinion of Chop House Burgers – here by posting a comment or joining the conversation over at Urbanspoon!

Chop House Burgers on Urbanspoon

SONIC has some CLASS

28 Aug

The other day I slid into the local Sonic for a Burger and they messed up the order.   I was only ten feet out of  the drive thru (this Sonic has a drive-thru in addition to having car hops) before noticing they got it wrong.

I circled back and brought all this to their attention and when the cashier brought back a fresh bag of correct food — He also slipped me this coin.

You might not be able to tell by the photo, but this is a HEAVY “chip”.   Like you get in a casino.   It’s good for a free drink.    Just their way of saying “oops…sorry let’s make this up to ya.”

I REALLY like this.   Not just because it’s something FREE.  But Sonic took the time to have these made.  Like I said, it has some HEFT to it.   It’s not just some paper coupon.   I think this is just classy and cool.   So cool, I will probably just keep it.   It’s a nice reminder that some places do actually care about their customers.

Okay– actually I am just going to take it to Vegas and see if I can convince them it’s a Million Dollar Chip.

Updates on your favorite stories

23 Jan

Since starting this blog, way back in 2009, there have been alot of changes, so I thought I would give you a rundown of what has changed since you last read about it here at the JFC.

In no particular order:

-FAT HO BURGER- is gone.   We hardly knew ye.

-My beloved GODFATHER’s pizza in Arlington/Mansfield closed it’s doors.  Now DFW is without a Godfather’s Pizza and that is SAD.

-Domino’s gamble from 2010 paid off because they have seen a huge spike in sales since revamping their pizza.  So much so that Chuck E. Cheese (who also ranked high in the worst pizza poll that started this whole thing) even revamped their pizza as well.

-To our delight, Wendy’s debuted Boneless Buffalo Wings.  We LOVED’em.  They discontinued’em.

-MAZZIO’s has not only regained the title of BEST PIZZA, but it has taken on all challengers with a swagger worthy of a champion!

-To this day, I still can not find out where those delicious PARKING SPOT cookies came from.

-SODA GALLERY is still so very cool, but I notice their selection shrinking.

-Burger King brought out some tasty Ribs.  We liked’em.  They discontinued’em (see a pattern?)

-BK also finally gave up on their horrible fries, and stepped up the game with some new tastier versions…whereas Jack in the Box went from their original fries….to a thicker/fresher style…which we liked…only to return to their original fries recently.

– Why is it everything we love gets discontinued?

-And in the “breastaraunt” category, there have been some ups and downs:

–  The head honcho at Hooters left to join the Twin Peaks organization.   This is curious as he was on UNDERCOVER BOSS not that long ago.   Curious.

– Burger Girl off 75 in Dallas came and went.  No surprise there.

– Arlington- “Wings and Bunnies” had several opening delays, and then closed before I could even review the place but a new place “Bikinis” opened just down the block from the Hooters on Collins.  Review of it , and a new 2012 Breastaraunt Run are coming soon!

– and I am not shocked, but pleased to report that not only has RED NECK HEAVEN remained a success, but they are opening other locations around the DFW.   Must be all those “minnow shots”.

Hello 2012!

FRY, FRY, and FRY again

23 Nov
fryfry by Junk Food Critic
fryfry, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

I really like JACK IN THE BOX. Not just for the food, but for having the guts to do crazy-funny stuff with their advertising and having a clown-head for an owner (no offense jack).

I like the variety of offerings at Jack’s place. Everything from fajita pitas to sirloin sliders.

I especially love their creative commercials. Here is one of my all time FAVORITES

However, one department that I can’t really give Jack full marks on is the fries.

I can remember back in the day, even as a kid, I didn’t much care for Jack’s french fries. They were kinda bland and I loved the ones at Mickey D’s more.

A few years ago, I applauded Jack in The Box, when they finally switched their old fries to “new full cut fries” which where bigger and cut from real potatoes. So they tasted fresher and more like real potato fries. Not just some processed fry.

Well, sitting in the drive-thru the other night, I noticed a full on sign (above) that said they have NEW fries. So I got them.

I am six years old again. They taste EXACTLY the same as I remember them, so I guess they went back to the old formula.

It’s a shame too, because Jack is usually so creative and different in the items they offer.

Why can’t Jack make fries that I love as much as I do most of his other offerings??

And while I am on the subject, can someone please tell Jack to bring back FRINGS?


(cheese, meat, cheese-cheese, meat……sorry…that commercial is SO catchy!)