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24 Aug

Sprouts Gummi Bears

Okay let’s get this right, straight away…I don’t even like Gummy Bears.  They are usually too damn hard to chew and the flavor fades faster than Fruit Stripe gum.

But these here Gummies????? THESE GUMMIES?????  From Sprouts grocery store??????

I don’t know who and I don’t care who brought them into the JFC compound but they are going fast.   These things are FANTASTIC.   They have the perfect consistency (not too chewy and hard) and they have great color and some knock-out flavors packed in each bite.

Hear me now, I LOVE these damn Gummies from SPROUTS.  They were like 5 bucks a pound or something on the label here but they are SOOOOOO good.

Did I mention I don’t even LIKE gummie candy?  These are a whole new ballgame.