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Gino’s East – Frozen Pizza

4 Dec

 A rather boring trip to my local Central Market turned promising as I found GINO’S EAST of Chicago in the frozen pizza aisle.

I love thin crust pizza but I am also such a pizza junkie that I love pizza from all walks of life.   So finding the “authentic” deep dish style from the famous Gino’s East had me anxious to get home.

As the box states, this sucker is two pounds of handmade goodness.  It has been so long since I have sat down and had a hearty slice in Chicago, so the anticipation was building fast.

45 mins in the oven and I have a golden brown crust but not much else to know if it’s done or on the right track.  I am thinking I am getting close to burning it so I shut down the oven and follow the instructions on the box that seem insane:  Allow the pizza  to rest 3 mins before serving.   3 minutes???!?!  Are you insane?    There is no possible way I can sit here and look at this for 3 mins and not touch it.

I am back from a short walk and it’s been 4 minutes.   I saw into this picture perfect pie and draw my first slice.  The sauce is rich and tomato-y.   Gooey cheese.   These are a perfect marriage and have a great quality to them.  These do not taste like shortcut-frozen-pizza toppings.  It’s also the type of pizza that makes me break my NO FORK rule.   There is just no way to try to hold this and eat it.   Knife and forking my way through this I like the crust.  It’s super crunch and bread-y.   But it’s more crunch and bread that I imagined.  It’s actually rather dry.   That is a bit of a let down.  If it was a little less stiff, I would consider this a home run.   The cheese and sauce alone are fantastic but that crust slows down this roller coaster ride to a pedestrian speed.

Considering I spent 1o bucks for it, I was hoping for perfection.   So maybe my standards or drive-home-anticipation got the better of me.    I would buy it again but next time I think i would try something different in the way I cooked it.   Maybe put it in a deep dish with lots of olive oil, for that crust to soak up and soften a smidge.

But for a frozen pizza it’s still pretty great.   Especially if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the real Gino’s – you can have the next best thing.