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14 Jan

Gatorade Blue CherryI have no idea how you get the idea for “blue” cherry but I like it.

It’s quite genius when you think about it.   I bet marketing was all– “Look…people love BLUE drinks because they are offbeat and unusual looking.    Our research shows cherry is the most dominant flavor so let’s jack with their minds and make it blue…but CHERRY flavor!!!”

It makes zero sense except in my mouth where it counts.   I am not even a big “cherry-flavor” person and I loved the hell out of this Gatorade.

I have only found it at a couple of Sevs, so keep an eye out for it.



1 Aug

So, The Sev (7-11…sigh) has this new “Limited Edition” summer-only version of Gatorade.   It’s STRAWBERRY LEMONADE.

And it’s good!

Is everything in my life on a limited edition basis?   Because it feels that way.

Loved Gatorade forever and this flavor is an instant hit and favorite – of course – since it’s limited.

The best thing about Gatorade is that it’s an instant sno-cone at the JFC compound courtesy of our shaved ice machine.   So on a hot day, this is a yummy treat that replenishes my electrolytes an gets me back in the game.  FAST.

Whatever that means.  It sounded good, right?