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22 Apr

UntitledFull disclosure:  I am slightly disappointed as I write this because I was expecting these crackers to give me some sort of superpowers.   Turns out FUNLEY’s thinks eating healthy is a superpower.  Go Figure.

Aside from that hiccup, these are actually some pretty tasty crackers.   They have a slightly toasted taste and texture to them so I know they are baked instead of fried.  Which is totally fine.   These have “hidden” additional nutrition to them in the form of added carrot and tomato. I don’t instantly think “pizza” when I crunch on these but I am satisfied with the flavors I am getting.   Probably could have used some oregano in there to really hit home that pizza-ness.

Most “healthy” or “better than…” type crackers usually end up being flavorless cardboard snacks that you need glasses of water to wash down.    These were actually kinda addictive and highly snackable.   Would totally get these again.