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20 Jan

UntitledDoritos.  Arguably the king of all chips.  I mean who in the hell doesn’t love Doritos?  Especially the Nacho Cheese flavor???  They are everywhere.    So when I see “SPICY NACHO”…in a darker colored bag I am thinking “ohhhhh….these are the darkside version of the classic original”.

No.  They are not.  I get some nacho …and it’s a touch spicier…but otherwise no cheese and a bit of a letdown for me here.  I was expecting something BOLD…like the Nacho Picaso Dinamitas they DISCONTINUED (caps means “that sucks”).   So….yeah.   another flavor.   Don’t get your hopes up… it’s not that serious here.


DORITOS Test Flavors

23 Jun

Hey Doritos….instead of asking me to pay three or four bucks for a bag of “mystery chips” …why in the hell don’t you just tell me what they are up front and let sales decide which one is the winner?

This is just like all those times at the skatin’ rink where I would go up to the booth where they sold “grab bags” for 50 cents.    Once in a while I would get something rad like a kick-ass-red-and-black-rabbits foot that I would still have to this day because …hello…it rocks!!!!!!!!!!…… but NINE times out of ten it would be a chinzy plastic ring or a stupid whistle.

And seeing as how I can say with oh…189 degree of certainty that there are no kick-ass-rabbit-feet to be found in those bags….those bags will remain there for the other fools that love to waste money on “grab bags”.

DORITOS Original

13 Jun

I love this guy.  He’s a total underdog.  I don’t see him as often as I would like in my neighborhood grocery stores.

He’s lightly salted, toasted, and inspired a generation (or 10).    If you want a great snacking chip you really should think about trying these babies.

I know his sister chip, NACHO CHEESE, gets a ton of attention and purchases.   Even little brother COOL RANCH gets more love than this older brother.

But when you taste the utter simplicity of these, you will understand why they are still around.  Even all these years later he still is the perfect partner for your dips and salsas.

Great chip.  A classic.  Earned every ounce of his reputation.

Tacos Making Doritos Making Tacos Making Doritos

1 May

Okay kids, try and stay with me.  Did you know Doritos were created at Disneyland?  They were served at a place called Casa de Fritos inside the theme park.  They made tacos and would occasionally have broken shells.  Instead of throwing them out, they would finish breaking the taco shell down into bite size chips, seasoned them, and served them as a side item.

BOOM!  Everyone on the planet goes nuts for them and they become their own business.  Very successful too.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago.   Taco bell introduces the DORITOS brand tacos.  It’s pretty successful also.  It’s also ironic that the chips made from broken shells are now sold as full shells featuring the Doritos flavorings.  Full circle and that.

It gets more attention when the next version, the “Cool Ranch” version comes along.  That is also pretty successful.  Word is, the next Taco bell shell will  be the Doritos “Flamas” brand which is spicy.  So we will see if that is true.

Not to let Taco Bell have all the fun with their own product, and to remind everyone they make more than just shells for Taco Bell…. Doritos has released two LOCOS TACOS style chip varieties.

What they have done is re-release the classic Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese flavors, but they have also mixed in their classic TACO flavored chips in there to represent Taco Bell I suppose.

So in terms of flavors, there isn’t anything new.   I do hope that the people that try these notice that Doritos already sells the TACO flavored chips on their own.  To me, they are like the underdog Dorito flavor, along with the regular corn flavor.  Both get very little promotion and love from the company are are both quite delicious.

DORITOS JACKED: Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

27 Mar

Ok Doritos, you had me at HOT WINGS.   Hot Wing flavored anything are instantly popular in these circles.

The Doritos “Jacked” line are thicker-cut and larger in size than normal Doritos.  They also amp up the flavors on these.

So I was excited to tear into this bag….and then I noticed the full title:

“Ranch Dipped Hot Wings”.


I know there are tons of people that LOVE Ranch dressing with their hotwings.  In fact some can’t have one without the other.   I am not a fan of this.  At all.

Doritos making a full-on Hot Wing chip would have rocked.   These are good, but that ranch taste just throws this out-of-whack for my tastebuds.    So I am probably going to pass on these going further but if you love your ranch, I understand.  Go forth and crunch these.  I bet you will love’em.

DORITIOS Sour Cream & Onion

18 Mar

Okay, this is a total no-brainer.  With me being on the verge of “new-chip-fatigue” these are a welcome sight.

Doritos are the ultimate crunch and a classic.   I love most of their flavors- even the plain ol’-yellow-bag orignals are still quite good chip despite all the competition.

I love sour cream and onion dip and Ruffles, so having this super-crunch of Doritos – mixed with this simple and tasty flavor combo is just a great match.

These should have been released 20 years ago.

DORITOS Jacked Chipotle BBQ

15 Oct

Oh, Chipotle, whatever did we do before you?   You have trickled your way into our lives, our dressings, salsas and our cheese sauces.  Someone even named their burrito business after you.

Doritos has also fallen under your siren song.   They have you mixing it up with the likes of “Smoky” and “BBQ” to make the new JACKED chips.

Truth be told, I like these new Doritos.   The actual flavor is sort of mild but I do like the BIGGER and THICKER cut of chip.

The thicker chips seem to not end up as as crumblies in the bottom of the bag.    Love that.

These crunch SOUNDLY as well.    Anything I can do to annoy a friend is a welcome bonus.  These are great for talking on the phone.

THEM:   I was hoping you could lend me…


ME:   Beg pardon?  What’s that you say?