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DORITOS Test Flavors

23 Jun

Hey Doritos….instead of asking me to pay three or four bucks for a bag of “mystery chips” …why in the hell don’t you just tell me what they are up front and let sales decide which one is the winner?

This is just like all those times at the skatin’ rink where I would go up to the booth where they sold “grab bags” for 50 cents. Β  Β Once in a while I would get something rad like a kick-ass-red-and-black-rabbits foot that I would still have to this day because …hello…it rocks!!!!!!!!!!…… but NINE times out of ten it would be a chinzy plastic ring or a stupid whistle.

And seeing as how I can say with oh…189 degree of certainty that there are no kick-ass-rabbit-feet to be found in those bags….those bags will remain there for the other fools that love to waste money on “grab bags”.