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13 May

TGIF, hello??   Ricky takes center stage again today and puts his own spin on a classic DFW pizza war.  Pizza Inn vs. Pizza Hut.  Which classic pizzeria will he choose?   Which would you choose?  And what are you thoughts on Honey Mustard?  Find out below!

REVIEW: Pizza by Marco

9 Jul

     Me… in the car… pulled over immediately… after leaving PIZZA BY MARCO.  Not because I am trying to take pics for the site….but because those BIG-HONKIN-SLICES are hot, fresh, and mouth-watering!

Seriously.  Look at those bad boys.  It’s like half a pie in two slices.  It’s a slightly crispy but tender super-thin crust.  It’s a nice sauce to cheese ratio— and then they back a bloody truck up and dump an INSANE amount of toppings on their pizzas.   So much so these babies are getting folded all NY style.

You can also see the edges of the crust have a slight char to it, and that is a staple of extra flavor that just adds to the party.

No doubt, when you visit the location at Royal & Preston – you will be confused.   This place is TINY, and it’s sandwiched between two other stores in the corner.   So it’s easily missed.   It’s seriously nothing but a DOOR and a sign.  But once inside you will see a nice little bistro area and counter.

They have an awesome menu with all kinds of pizza specialties and great lunch specials.   It’s worth checking out.

Pizza By Marco – 10720 Preston, Suite 1014, Dallas, Texas 75230

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