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3 Mar

UntitledOk so I am thinking I am gonna be snowed-in for a few days last week so while procuring provisions from the local grocer I picked up this ready-to-bake cookies from Toll House.

These “Triple Chip” cookies come in a tidy row of 24 little blocks.   You break them off, drop them on a cookie sheet, and bake.

How easy is that?

Freezing outside and the thought of some warm and yummy Toll Houses sounds real good right about now.  And the smell of these things as they were cooking?….double yum.

UntitledAnd then I don’t know what the hell happened but these were a total disaster.  The whole damn batch didn’t spread-out into to the perfectly formed disks on the package.

Followed the instructions and ended up with this mess.

So I guess I will not be buying these anymore.


TASTE TEST: McDonaldland Cookies

13 Jul

My KINGDOM for a local McDonald’s that carries these on a consistent basis.

I mean tasty vanilla cookies that are shaped into your favorite Mickey D’s character????

Grimace anyone????

This is a no-brainer!!

These blow animal crackers out of the water and are more difficult to find that the ark of the covenant.

Good ol’ Ron-Ron needs to step up and get these back into the stores immediately!!

TASTE TEST: Dreyer’s Girl Scout flavors

11 May

It’s like those Girl Scouts are reading my mind.

And with everything in my life, it’s a LIMITED EDITION.

So the boys at Dreyer’s and the ladies from the Girl Scouts have joined forces to create something so OBVIOUS I can’t believe it hasn’t been done years before this.

Samoas and Thin Mints are like KRYPTONITE to most of my friends. So releasing this into the public is going to cause some wide spread joy for certain.

Why am I still talking? I am off to the freezer to gobble this straight out of the carton until I am sick.

: )


16 Mar

We tend to go to alot of local events, so it’s no big surprise to see some friendly faces at the door on our way out, handing us stuff.  We usually grab one (or five- all of us are greedy when it comes to free, aren’t we?) and walk away.  Later, in the car, we will look at it and see if it’s worth anything.

As it happened, I ended up with 5 bags of these cookies because nobody really wanted “cookies” after being slightly drunk and ready to party after a cool event we just went to.  So I threw them in my little glove compartment and moved on.

The next afternoon I get into the car and I am looking for a pen, and I open that compartment and all these cookies fall out.  I had totally forgotten about them.   I tear open one bag, expecting them to be typical “promo” (yucky) giveaway fare.


They were APPLE-OATMEAL cookies, and they are the BOMB!!!

I searched the package to see if there was some sort of vendor or if it was a company, because I wanted to buy these cookies by the metric TON.

No such luck.  I even called the event center, and they talked to me like I was crazy.  Which I suppose is true—-


If you know where we can get more, or who makes them, please get in touch!

And yes, I ate all five bags over the next couple of days.

The other critics got NOT one crumb.