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9 Mar

UntitledWell this is bittersweet.   City Pizza & Wings in Irving is now located in what used to be a small carryout-only Pizza Inn location.   The only Pizza Inn location in Irving that I can think of.    That sucks.   I miss Pizza Inn.

So when I saw that it was converted to City Pizza I was beyond curious.   Their menu is not just pizza and wings.  They have several things.    Lots of choices and reasons to try this place.  I figured I would start with a simple pepperoni pie and I was blown away!   It’s easily one of the best pizzas I have had in Irving in the last couple of years.  That crust is KILLER!!!!  It’s very light and tender with a slight chew.  The cheese was super-gooey and there was ample pepperoni.   I should have asked for extra sauce on the side so I could dip those bones (the end crusts) because they were puffy and made perfect breadsticks on their own.   The only drawback is their topping selection.  It’s pretty basic and standard so if you are looking to get all kray-kray with artisan pies, this is not the place for you.   This is a super-solid pie from a great little mom-n-pop type joint.  The kind of place I love to talk about and spread the word on.  I hope they have great success and last a long time in ol’ crooked i.