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26 Oct

 Few things kick ass like a great milkshake.   I tend to keep vampire hours so I am often up at 3:28am craving a chocolate milkshake and some chocolate donettes.

Like now.

This is where these new convenience store shake machines are really coming in handy.    I see them at just about every gas station now.   You pick a shake from the freezer, rip off the top- and drop it into the shake machine.   Choose the type of consistency – thick or thin- and boom.   The shake comes out perfect.

They go for around 2.49 – which is cheaper than most ice cream shops.   Add to that, the idea of getting it at anytime of day makes this extra tasty.

Seriously, where are my car keys?


3 Jul

These are the places I instantly love.   Out of the way.   Found it by accident.   Fantastic food.  Great location with a friendly staff.  Since the extraction of all things Johnny Rockets here in the DFW, I am left without a cool 50’s diner burger joint.   I loved Johnny Rockets and was certain that there would never be anything even close.

I like being WRONG.  Sometimes.  Okay this time.

Hunky’s (this location is in the Bishop Arts District) is a full-on-throwback-shakes-and-burgers-joint.     I love it!

You can see just from the picture alone, that this place is clean, classy, and put together well.    I walk in the place and the counter help is already smiling and quickly asks if I had been there before.   I look around and see milkshake machines, a soda fountain, and a cooler with bottle specialty sodas (which is awesome following the demise of the Soda Gallery).

They take me through the menu, and I am seated and within minutes I had a hot and juicy cheeseburger and some thick fries.   Each bite and sip of a creamy and dense chocolate malt was eating away at the memories of heartbreak at the loss of Johnny Rockets.

I have found a new love and it’s HUNKY’s!

In a weird sort of way it’s kind of strategically located in the BISH area.  It’s at the end of the street.  So after a few hours of strolling in and out of cool shops, it’s a great place to hit last and relax with good food.  OR…OR… you can start the day off with a burger and malt…and then walk it off through the streets of the BISH.  Either way – it’s a good day!

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