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29 Jan

UntitledI thought it was great when Wendy’s finally got around to serving Spicy chicken nuggets.  It just seemed like an extension of their Spicy Chicken Sammich – which I love.  Or did.  But that is a story for another day.

So another late night on the road and I pull into Wendy’s for a snack and am thinking nuggets.    I notice there is a change to the grouping and pricing now.

Once it was 5 nuggets for 99 cents.  Now 99 cents will only get you FOUR nuggets.   If you want six you end up paying 1.59 for that sixer.

Say, that reminds me—why am I here?   I could be across the street at Burger King getting TEN nuggets for $1.50.

Live and Learn.

BK Chicken Nuggets – 10 for $1.50

27 Jan

UntitledOkay let’s be honest.   You might not think that the chicken nuggets from BK are awesome.   Okay I can agree with you on that.   They aren’t “awesome”.

What they ARE is awesome-ly cheap right now.   Ten for a buck-fifty?  That’s stupid-crazy-cheap.

Add to that, the fact that Mickey D’s is selling TWENTY nuggs for Five bucks?


And after a long day of driving these are actually pretty tasty with some of my trusty-travel-hot-sauce added in the mix.

Burger King new Chicken Nuggets

30 Jan

 About a year ago, a report came out saying BK had dropped in sales and popularity and was no longer the #2 burger joint.   It was now McDonalds, WENDY’S, and then BK sliding in at number 3.

Since then, BK has been on a rampage -rolling out seasonal and promotional items that have jump-started some serious buzz for the King.

Critics have slammed BK for just ripping off Mickey D’s menu and it’s a valid argument when you see things like:

McD’s – Pineapple Mango Smoothie —  BK -Tropical Mango Smoothie

McD’s- Ranch Snack Wrap (crispy) — BK- Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap

So draw your own conclusions on that.    Well, now BK has NEW chicken nuggets and…….well….. I do see people’s point that they do sorta taste like Chicken McNuggets.  I am not impressed with either.

I actually like BK waaaaaaaaayyyyy more than Wendy’s and McD’s.   I wish BK would focus more on their own individual creations (like the Bacon Sundae…the Chicken Parm Sammich…both of those ROCKED….) instead of going for the quick copycat buck.

Stick to ya guns King, and the fans will return.

TASTE TEST – Jack’s New Snacks!

14 Sep

Jack in the box knows what he is doing.  He knows we love finger foods.

And although he hasn’t listened to me and brought back “FRINGS”, he has released two new snacky-snacks:


THE CHICKEN NUGGETS are new and a bit of a surprise.  I honestly thought they had these already.   They are lightly breaded and come in a five pack.  They are pretty decent.    Goes great with the FRANK’s RED HOT SAUCE that Jack carries.   Just the fact he carries the sauce is reason enough to order these for dipping.

The MINI CORN DOGS were the real reason I pulled in.  It’s getting close to STATE FAIR of TEXAS time.  For me (and many of you) that means CORN DOG CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay anyway, that is what I am thinking as I bite into these bite-sized-boys.   Armed with mustard, I took out this five pack in about five minutes.  They are highly snackable and have a slightly greasy-corn-dog-like-the-fair-taste.  Now don’t get me wrong.  These will not replace those at the fair.  But at 11:40pm and I am driving around with a hankering for corn dogs?  Those will hit the spot.  Bang!

FRINGS.   Google it.

Chick-fil-Ain’t Much Lunch

24 Jan
chickmeal by Junk Food Critic
chickmeal, a photo by Junk Food Critic on Flickr.

Chick-fil-a (wow is it annoying to have to type that way each time) has always tried to take an even handed approach to it’s food.

It provides great meals and also some healthier choices if you are leaning that way.

In the past, I have tried their grilled chicken sandwiches and loved them. True they aren’t as indulgent as their normal fare, but still pretty good.

So when I heard they were slightly revamping the kid’s meal, I was interested.

Mainly because I love the happy meal idea.

More often than not, the portion sizes of food in a kid’s meal is enough for me. The price is usually cheaper.

oh–and I get a TOY. I never understood why places didn’t offer toys or something with their adult meals.

Think about it. If you got the burger combo– you got an iphone holder that looks like a money. Okay….moving on…

So I wheeled into the “chick” and ordered the new kids meal.

What was once: Four nuggets, fries, drink, and a toy…. can now be GRILLED nuggets, fruit (either fruit cup or puree pouch) and a drink (milk, water, apple juice, or lemonade)

No longer are they serving soda. Which is odd since their lemonade and apple juice contain a ton of sugar I would imagine.

Now this was a tidy little SNACK. The nuggets were hot and fresh. Tasty as boneless-skinless-plain-if-you-dont-count-salt-and-pepper can be.

It’s essentially an unbreaded chicken strip cut into four pieces. Good for some protein, but I am guessing I will be hungry again in a couple hours.

The pouch of puree was rather neat. It’s cinnamon apple sauce basically. So sucking that down might be fun for the kids. Great way to get them more fruits. This was actually the best thing of the meal. I should see if they have these in the stores. Quick and easy on the go food.

I take that back. The best part of lunch was the lemonade. Sure the size is way to small for me, but GOOD LORD does Chick-fil-a make some mighty fine LEMONADE.

So sweet and tangy. It’s like me, but drinkable!

I would totally order this again if I was just a little bit hungry and didn’t want to cook.

Who am I kidding??? If I go to chick-fil-a, I gots ta have my SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH!!!!!! woOOOOOO!!!!