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Chick-fil-a NEW grilled chicken

24 Mar

“New and Improved” have always been the key buzz-words used in advertising to get you to look at their product.

I had the grilled chicken from Chick-fil-a in the past and it was good but never quite enough to make me order it over their normal (fried) chicken sammiches.

The new chicken has a new marinade process that happens before cooking.   It does seem to retain more moisture- one of the problems I noticed -the chicken always seemed “dry”.   It’s quite hard to keep moisture and flavor  inside of a boneless-skinless-chicken breast.

The new sammich comes on a multi-grain bun with simple lettuce and tomato.   While good, I was still looking for some kind of ZING.  Something to just really keep this from tasting like what it was — a C.L.T.   I put some BBQ sauce on it and that helped the chicken, but didn’t go well with the “L” or the “T”.

Maybe some sort of honey-or-zesty-mustard to kick it up?  I love the taste of grilled chicken – but I always feel it needs some kind of sauce to go with it.

Overall it’s a very good sammich – but it’s still not enough to make it my go-t0 move at the drive-thru.    It’s not gonna replace my Spicy Chicken Sammich from Chick-fil-a anytime soon….WOO!!!!