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16 May

Get ready to fall in love.   Cayman jack Margarita is a bottled, pre-mixed Margarita mixed drink that is probably the freshest and best tasting bottle drink I have had.  Like ever.

All too often these drinks have a sweetness to them that is so artificial and over the top.  It’s a constant reminder that what you are drinking is processed.

Cayman Jack is a different breed of cat.   You will not see ten-syllable-ingredients.   What is used is organic limes.  Pure cane sugar.  Agave nectar.     These are all ingredients that not only can I pronounce – but actually know what they are.

This thing tastes like it was freshly squeezed and made by a kick-ass bartender who hooks you up with a splash more liquor.   At 5.9% these babies have both flavor and kick.

Hands down, this is my new favorite party-time drink!    WOO!!!!