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HAWAIIAN PUNCH – Lemon Berry Squeeze

19 Aug

UntitledCapri Sun should probably be a bit worried at this point.

Okay so it only took 20 years for someone to figure it out, but now Hawaiian Punch has pouches????

Of course you realize this means war.

This Lemon Berry Squeeze is damn fine too.  It’s sweet and lemon-berry-yyyy – like a Strawberry Lemonade.   I was mad thirsty and it hit the spot and gave me all sorts of mixed drink ideas for the grown and sexy folks.  In this battle, we win.   Let Capri Sun and Hawaiian Punch duke it out..I’m gonna sit back and get my juice!

Capri Sun is AWESOME

15 Aug

Okay, why in the hell did I give up drinking Capri Sun back when I was six?

Did I not understand how awesome Capri Sun tastes?

Did I forget the mad-sugar-rush I just got from pounding one of these bad-boys down six minutes ago?

Holy Smokes these are awesome!