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19 Jan

UntitledI understood going in. These were gummies. These were Starburst gummies. But these square pillows just seem….meh. The basic flavors (watermelon,strawberry,cherry,and blue raspberry) are good and there is a sufficient amount of “sour”….sorta….but these pillows aren’t satisfying to me. They make me wish I had just got the regular sour Starbursts. I also did NOT like that the bag was pretty sizeable…ut the amount of actual candy you get inside is about a THIRD of the bags actual size. So that felt like a gyp. Your mileage may vary.


12 Jul

GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY this picture is blurry as hell. I am driving half the time I do these things, so it’s amazing I can get them as clear as I do.

But that aside, this is, by far, the BEST Twix I have ever had in my life.

and YES… it’s a limited edition. …argh…

It’s your basic Twix with some coconut flavor thrown in. Yeah, it’s not actual coconut- which would be awesome….so…you might not think it’s much of a kick, but if you like cocount – and why wouldn’t you??- This will be your favorite Twix of all time.

The chocolate, caramel, and that coconut flavor mix really well. It’s almost like a totally new candy bar. And it’s a limited edition so good luck finding it.