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8 Aug

Untitled“We have sorta been here before…..”

That’s my thoughts as I am sitting here in the drive-thru at the BK.

A few years ago, they slapped some cheese and sauce on their oblong chicken sammich and called it done.

It was barely okay.  Just barely.  This looks like a revamp and serious attempt at a proper chicken parm sammich.

UntitledDid I mention I love chicken parm sammiches???  Cause I totally do.

I have been a big fan of BK for so long…I want them to have a win….and I say that because I have been less than impressed with them for the last several years.

That being said, this is probably the best item I have had at a BK in years.    The bun is soft, the sauce is tangy, the two cheeses bring texture and flavor, and the chicken is crispy and crunchy.   It’s a great little sammich.

And that is what bothers me.   It feels like it doesn’t live up to the $5 dollar price tag.  At $4 I would love it.   But it’s smaller than a whopper and feels like I am spending alot on a little.    Still good tho.   Check it out and report back below!


20 Feb

UntitledOhhhhhhkay BK, NOW you are on to something here.

I love chicken.  I love fries. I like chicken-fries.

I did NOT like the Buffalo Chicken fries…they didn’t live up to the hype.

I did NOT like the Cheetos Chicken Fries….again…hype.

Now these here?????  These here Jalapeno Chicken Fries???  These here????  These have something to say.   The breadding on these have bits of jalapeno in them, so you get a scattered bit of heat during the experience.   I have had these twice now and both times I had to wait…which is fine because I wanted them fresh.   Fresh they were.   Nice and crispy.   Flavor and style.  This is a Chicken Fry I can support on a regular basis.

So…of course it will be a limited time thing.   sigh…..

BK Chicken Nuggets – 10 for $1.50

27 Jan

UntitledOkay let’s be honest.   You might not think that the chicken nuggets from BK are awesome.   Okay I can agree with you on that.   They aren’t “awesome”.

What they ARE is awesome-ly cheap right now.   Ten for a buck-fifty?  That’s stupid-crazy-cheap.

Add to that, the fact that Mickey D’s is selling TWENTY nuggs for Five bucks?


And after a long day of driving these are actually pretty tasty with some of my trusty-travel-hot-sauce added in the mix.


7 Jan

I swear to GOD, the size of the burgers at BK are getting smaller.  I remember when the small (regular burger..not the whopper) burger was big enough to cover alot more of that logo on the wrapping paper.  Now look at it.  It’s quite smaller.  These things mess with my head because they don’t tell you they are now 30% smaller to save money…. and still charging the same price…. but you look at it in your hand and go…wow…this seems smaller…

Anyway…I am glad to see BK give the RODEO burger a push.  Around here it’s always been available if you knew to ask for it.  So now for a dollar you get a smaller (tell me I crazy) burger with some onion rings and BBQ sauce.   I have always been a fan of this burger because the tastes just go so well together.  Those strong onion rings and that slightly sweet BBQ sauce are just as prominent as the char-grill taste of the meat.  This tastes like a back-yard cookout creation I might make at home.   Along with the Rodeo Burger…they are rolling out a Rodeo Chicken sandwich…which I am reviewing later this week.

I have often said nothing burps like bacon.    That is still true…but good lord….Onion Rings are right up there.   After polishing this off I had some sweet and vocal burps for about an hour.

Probably a bit of an over-share as I re-read this…but oh well.   We are all family, right?

Anyway for a buck?   Hell yeah go and scoop these up!

Burger King Frozen Lemonade

22 Aug

Burger King is always sold out or is does not have available the new Frozen Lemonade quite often around these here parts.    I finally got one and it’s pretty good in a slurpee-slushie type way.    It’s your basic lemonde just more freezy like.

I am sure you understand what I mean.

Anyway I had half this sucker gone before I remembered I needed a pic for the website so what you see is a work-in-progress.

I LOVE lemondade and that sweet-n-sour balance.   This one from BK is a little more on the sweeter side than I would want but it’s still good on a hot day – like every day last week.

Another summer release so expect it to be gone by the time I finish drinking this one here.


16 Aug

Ah BK.    How you miss the mark with this one.    Buffalo Chicken strips sounded and looked SOOO good in the photo on the menu-board.   Little did I know  that you were simply going to take your regular tenders and toss them in sauce.

Which would be fine if it was a great sauce.  But this is a strangely bright and overly orange-colored sauce that is barely hot.

The chicken strips themselves are good when freshly made.   These strips however….barely warm.  The sauce coating them is lowering the temperature by the second.    Five minutes down the road and they are stone cold.

I had such high hopes for these.   I was looking for another home run from the King.    Instead I get a half-hearted attempt to create interesting.    The idea was awesome.   The execution was ham-handed.

BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwiches

3 Jul

Burger King has never been a place I think of when I think breakfast-on-the-go.  They did have those “cini-minis” that I liked.  Which if you read this often you know  if I like something it will never last long.

Flash forward to the other day and I was running errands and I decided to see what BK was up to these days breakfast-wise.    The muffin sammiches looked promising so I ordered one of each:

One Bacon, Egg, and Cheese  and a Ham, Egg, and Cheese sammich to share.    The bite I had of the ham-egg-cheese  wasn’t that great.  Ham was a little rubbery so one bite was all I could stand.

Mine on the other hand…bacon-egg-cheese was actually pretty good.    The eggs were fluffy but I am not certain if they are some sort of egg-beaters or freshly made eggs.  The bacon was smoky, crispy, and crunchy.   The cheese was actually the dominate flavor of the whole thing.

To be honest I am not up early enough to eat drive-thru breakfastes, but it’s nice to know I got a new option at BK.  I wouldn’t get the ham…but that bacon sammich hit the spot!