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JFC on MarketWatch !!!

31 May

As we go into the weekend, I want to leave you with a little something special.   I am always thankful and swollen with pride when I get the opportunity to talk junk food with people like Adrienne Mitchell and the top-drawer organization that is MarketWatch.   This time we chat about the hot story of the summer-  Burger King’s Rib sammich and it’s impact on the golden arches.  Click the MarketWatch logo to hear the full segment!


22 May

I truly feel like BK is going for McDonald’s throat with this one.  The McRib sammich has been around for decades, so to take it on is a pretty bold move.

A move I totally support.  I was right there with Burger King TWO YEARS AGO when they had REAL ribs.  You can read about that here.  The ribs proved too expensive but BK would not abandon the rib idea.

Meanwhile, Mickey D’s has been doing some heavy shuck-n-jive with the McRib for the last few years.   I think that is about to bite them in the rump.

Will they bring it back?  Is this the LAST TIME you EVER get one?????  Of course they will.  Settle down.

Meahwhile, back at the BK camp…they quietly developed their own version and rolled it out to some serious SHOCK and AWE by foodies.  I mean WHO takes on the McRib and that cult of fans?

Burger King, that’s who.   Ronald could learn a thing or two here because there are several things to like about this sammich.

 ONE:   BK doesn’t try to just fool anyone into thinking it’s a “real rack of ribs”.    Something about that pre-formed shape comes off fun to some, but others find it a reminder that this is a processed mix of meat.   BK just took the direct approach and made it look very similar to your basic Whopper.

TWO:  Burger King can do something that McDonald’s can NEVER do.   CHAR.  For me, this is the best-selling point.   BBQ always been about three things:  meat, sauce, and CHAR.   My sammich took a couple of minutes of waiting, but there were grill marks, and some char around the edges.

THREE:   Timing.    The McRib usually rolls out in OCTOBER.  This all but guarantees some nice bit of bread for the McPockets at the end of the year.  But with Burger King releasing their sammich going into a HUGE BBQ weekend and showcasing it ALL SUMMER LONG???  I think come October, the unique-ness of a rib-sammich will be over – and – IF the BK Rib sammich is good?   Then the McRib can consider it’s 2013 McRib campaign-thunder officially STOLEN.


I think it’s a damn fine sammich.   I like it.    I plan on having it several times this summer.   I really think that char-taste sells it to my brain and taste buds – that I am having some BBQ sammich fresh off the grill.  The pickles aren’t special and it could use more sauce, but overall it’s good a good rib taste to it.  It was simple and to the point.  Granted:  it was also made fresh.   Getting a not-so-freshly-made-one could be a totally different experience.

It doesn’t have the SIZZLE of the McRib, with it’s fancy shape and whatever- but when it comes to SIZZLE vs. STEAK – I take STEAK every time and this sammich has rib…..uh…steak….you know what the hell I meant.

**Actually if they had used that jalapeno BBQ sauce that they DISCONTINUED (STOOPID MOVE) this sammich would rock ten times more.