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25 Mar

UntitledThis was such a hassle.  It took me FOUR tries to get this hot dog.

ROUND ONE:   Sat in the drive-thru for 18 minutes.  Trapped.   Couldn’t get out.   I ordered a simple mustard-dog.  What I got was a chili-cheese dog that was the grossest looking dog I have ever seen.  I didn’t even think to take a photo.

ROUND TWO:   I am down the street when I realize the dog was wrong so I go back.   I walk in and advise them politely of the mistake.   Hey, it happens.  No big.  They give me a new dog and I walk out.  Again I don’t check the bag….I know…I know….so I catch myself in the parking lot and …..it’s the exact same dog.   In a new bag.

ROUND THREE:   I walk back in and advise them that, again, this is the wrong item.  I ordered a MUSTARD DOG.   ONLY.   They take the dog back and then immediately return with a new bag.  Not that I don’t trust them but…I open the bag right there and it’s the exact same gross dog…now with a mustard squiggle.

“Listen to me”  as I cut back in line to the front….” I only want a hot dog with mustard.  I do not want to see this dog again, ok?”

“Sorry…but we are OUT of hot dogs.”.   I get my money back and walk out with steam coming off my head.

ROUND FOUR:   I am replaying this whole thing over and over in my head and I am trying to admonish and praise myself for not going absolutely BALLISTIC back in the BK.   I make another turn on my way home and notice another BK with nobody in the drive-thru.   I cruise through, order, and receive the mustard dog as it was intended.   So smooth that transaction.   I was surprised.

ok…okay….already… how did it taste?

It’s got “ok”  taste.  Not horrible.  But it is an absolute RIP-OFF at Two Bucks.  RIP.  OFF.  It might be an impulse buy at 99 cents but TWO BUCKS????  are you HIGH????!?!?!  Obviously.   So expect these to quietly fade.  Fast.

And as far as Hot Dogs go, you are still better off going to The SEV and getting the 1/4lb Big Bite.  It’s the true King of Dogs.