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8 Aug

Untitled“We have sorta been here before…..”

That’s my thoughts as I am sitting here in the drive-thru at the BK.

A few years ago, they slapped some cheese and sauce on their oblong chicken sammich and called it done.

It was barely okay.  Just barely.  This looks like a revamp and serious attempt at a proper chicken parm sammich.

UntitledDid I mention I love chicken parm sammiches???  Cause I totally do.

I have been a big fan of BK for so long…I want them to have a win….and I say that because I have been less than impressed with them for the last several years.

That being said, this is probably the best item I have had at a BK in years.    The bun is soft, the sauce is tangy, the two cheeses bring texture and flavor, and the chicken is crispy and crunchy.   It’s a great little sammich.

And that is what bothers me.   It feels like it doesn’t live up to the $5 dollar price tag.  At $4 I would love it.   But it’s smaller than a whopper and feels like I am spending alot on a little.    Still good tho.   Check it out and report back below!

BK Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

3 Sep

I absolutely LOVE Chicken Parmesan.  It’s a fantastic marriage of Italian flavors and textures.

For YEARS I have been making my own Chicken Parm sammiches very easily.  So easily I often wondered why the big boys didn’t.   I mean seriously-  take a chicken sandwich, throw on some sauce and cheese and boom – a down and dirty version of the beloved dish.

So when I heard Burger King was bustin’ out a version I was STOKED.  It’s part of their new “post summer” menu which has an italian flair to it with a Basil Chicken Sandwich & wrap – plus popcorn chicken and a couple of other treats.    But I think this is the star of the show.

I polished that thing off just about an hour ago, so it’s all still fresh in my mind.   This is the kinda thing that could really turn into an ACE up the King’s sleeve.   It’s good.   To be able to get it anytime (24hr BKs around here) and under two minutes??  That makes it quite good.

At the order-board, I asked what comes on the sandwich.   I guessed it was chicken,sauce, and cheese – BUT-  sometimes a restaurant will take a GREAT idea and mess it up by throwing some weird ingredient into the mix.

ME:  So what comes on the Chicken Parm sammich?  (I say sammich even in-real-life)

BK:  Um let me look on the paperwork.   (This is actually cute because it’s SO new he doesn’t know and is taking the time to get it right-  I like this!)

BK:  Um… It is a wheat bun with grilled or crispy chicken that is …….tender and juicy …and mozzarella cheese …sauce and some more cheese …parmesan. 

(the tender and juicy part was funny to me – he must’ve been reading right from the promo info….fantastic!)

ME:  Great!  I will take it.  Crispy style please.

What I got had some heft to it.  I unwrapped what you see above.   It’s a sexy bun for starters.   Soft and firm.   The chicken is a typical fried chicken breast.   I didn’t taste any special italian spices on it.  Nor did I expect any.  This basic chicken could be used for ten different sandwiches so I forgive that pretty easily.

The sauce is very mild and that is the only weakness of this sandwich.   I love zesty and bold.  This isn’t.  BUT – This sandwich has to satisfy EVERYONE – not just me – despite what my inner voice tells me.  So I can totally accept this.

There is a slice of mozzarella, and what appears to be Parmesan shavings on top of that.

Shaved Parm?  If you are gonna shave parm on top, hopefully this is an indicator that the sammich is partially assembled fresh as you order it.   I like this.  A lot.

Again, I dig this whole thing.  I am super-surprised that nobody has done it before.  It’s really such an easy variation of a typical chicken sandwich.

Ever since that news story came out saying Burger King had lost its #2 slot to Wendy’s, BK has really made a serious effort to bring some interesting and tasty new treats to the table.

I like it King, keep it coming baby.