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WING-TIME Buffalo Wing Sauce

5 Feb

America.  Land of the Free.  Home of the HOTWING.

You can get some kind of hotwing at just about every restaurant these days.   That is just a comforting, delicious, and awesome thought.

Making them at home can be almost as good (almost) as the ones you get from your favorite restaurant.  One thing to keep in mind is that sauce is king.  You can have some great wings with just some hot pepper sauce.   But restaurants usually kick up that sauce with things like butter.

I have purchased so many hot pepper/wing sauces that I could build a house out of the empty bottles.   Most of them aren’t very good.

ENTER:  Wing-Time.  This is a very close-to-restaurant-style sauce.   I think the key is they didn’t just make a pepper sauce.  It’s a developed and complete sauce with hints of that butter flavor you find in all restaurant sauces.   This sauce takes the guess-work out of it for you and is just grab-and-go.   I like that and I like this sauce.    I found it at Whole Foods.  It has several flavors but I went with the HOT variety.  Kick some of those other boring pepper sauces to the curb and try something that has full flavor and can turn you store-bought- wings into something hotter and better.   It’s Wing-Time, baby!


TASTE TEST: Carl’s Jr. Buffalo Strips

22 Mar

LORD knows I loves me some chicken wings. I say LOVES me some chicken wings. The marriage of tender yet crispy chicken mixed with a super spicy sauce makes my mouth water.

So when I passed Carl’s Jr. and saw they offered Buffalo Strips I flipped a “U” all Bo Duke style and cruised right on in.

Now, if you have paid any attention to this blog, you might have read my article about Wendy’s awhile back.

Wendy’s came out with Boneless Buffalo Wings and I was super excited. I liked them. And they didn’t last. That is my luck.

Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of being able to swing into a place like Carl’s Jr. and get restaurant style chicken strips covered in a sauce that has some nice “kick”- just about anytime I want.

Wings, Boneless or otherwise, are really more of a restaurant item. They take awhile to make RIGHT, so fast food places usually steer clear of them.

So I am very impressed with Carl’s Jr. for taking the chance and making something that is readily available, AND tastes like the kind of strips you would find in a great sports bar.

These were so good, I actually had them three days in a row over this last weekend, and that is something I almost NEVER do.