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BROOKSIDE Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry

10 Apr

Get ready for the avalanche.  Brookside is getting ready to take over the world.

These dark chocolate covered acai/blueberry bites are…..in what I could only guess…….more addictive than CRACK.

These are so rich, so over-the-top in terms of delicious-ness that I can only use words like MAJESTIC and HEAVENLY to describe them.

I found them originally at Costco in this 2lb bag that barely lasted a few days.   Now I am seeing them pop-up everywhere.   In every store around.   I am told even TraderJoe’s has them.

(called powerberries at TJ’s, but I am told they are made for TJ’s by Brookside)

Brookside also makes Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Goji w/raspberry as well.

They are also a natural source of Flavanol Antioxidants – so I got those bouncing all around inside me now too.

STOP READING and write down the name of this product and go look for it.   If you love dark chocolate and berries like I do, you are gonna flip-out for these.   This might already be my snack of the year.  Seriously!