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The Chickie Bickie

2 Aug

UntitledI am hardly ever up early enough for this delectable breakfast item…..but today???ohhh man.

I mean seriously — who in the hell doesn’t like the Chick-fil-a Chicken biscuit?????/

How difficult would it be to offer this all day?  I mean come on guys…Mickey D’s and Jack in the box does all day breakfastes…..and yes

I.  said.  Breakfastes……it’s my blog.  deal with it.


30 Jan

UntitledOh Starbucks.  Home to coffee lovers and laptop-squatters everywhere. Honestly it has probably been close to two years since I have been to a Starbucks. I don’t fancy coffee so there has never been much reason for me to go. Until now.

Meeting a friend for breakfast and they suggested Starbucks because they know my love for Gouda cheese.  Trusting their instincts I reluctantly agreed and was generously rewarded.

This Bacon and Gouda Breakfast sammich was pretty killer.   The texture and creamy taste of the gouda, egg, bacon, and cheese on that artisan roll was elegant and filling.  I think it was something like $3.59, so it’s pretty reasonable on the pocketbook.   This might just be my new favorite breakfast sammich.   Sorry Mickey D’s.