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2 Nov


Snatch these up on all those “after-Halloween” sales you run into.

Never had a fruit roll-up in my life but I love me some Frankenberry and Boo Berry so it was a no-brainer.

Both are berry-berry flavorful (hee hee hee).

The only problem I have is unrolling these damn things.   For some reason they stick and pull in the wrong direction and make it a silly exercise to get them free from their wrapper.

Other than that, why in the hell haven’t I had these before?

2014 Monster Cereals

17 Oct

It’s that fantastic time of year….. The State Fair of Texas is going on…

but more importantly it’s the annual return of the monster cereals from General Mills.

This is absolute genius to roll these out during the weeks leading up to Halloween.  The retro box design…those classic flavors….killer nostalgia points here .

Boo Berry and Franken Berry were the two I liked best…but Count Chocula is also back in full force.

The only thing that sucks is that you can only get them during this time of year.    I usually stock up so I tend to have monsters on hand until New Year’s…..and by the time I am missing them…..boom…they back on the shelf.

Life doesn’t suck when you got these boys around.


MONSTER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Sep

WOOO!!!!!!!!!  It isn’t even the end of September and the Monster Cereals have already started popping up!    These were at CVS and I hear that this year YUMMY MUMMY and FRUIT BRUTE (both discontinued years ago) are making a return to the shelves this season.

Great googly-moogly I will be eating monster cereal all the way to Christmas.

yeah baby.

Marshmellows, Monsters, and Marketwatch

11 Oct

  I am always more than happy to run my mouth about all things junk food.   When I got the call to be on MARKETWATCH- I was honored and JUMPED at the chance.      With Halloween just around the block, Adrienne Mitchell and I talk MONSTER CEREALS.    You can hear the full interview here:


This was a blast!   Thanks so much to Adrienne and Marketwatch for the opportunity!


Ghost Wonderful Time of the Year!

8 Oct


Glory!  WOO!   The monster cereals are here!!!

If you have never had these, here is the deal:

Back in the day there was Boo-Berry (blueberry) Frankenberry (strawberry) and Count Chocula (chocolate) flavored cereals.   And they were good….NAY….they were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– and then discontinued…..every damn thing in my life.  I swear…..

ANYWAY –  General Mills got smart a few years back, and brought them back in all their glory for HALLOWEEN.  It’s a genius move.   It’s always an impulse buy.  All three.   I end up eating cereal for most of the month of October.  In the past few years I have crafted some hybrids.  Mainly due to boredom and curiosity.

Boo Berry + Frankenberry =  FrankenBoo.   This is my favorite blend.    It’s the best of both worlds.  Strawberry and Blueberry  together?  Done and Done.

Frankenberry + Count Chocula = Count Frankula – To me, this is kinda like chocolate covered strawberries in cereal form.

Count Chocula + Boo Berry – Count Choco-boo – This is good too, just not my favorite.

When November nears, I start running low on supply.  So it becomes Franken-Chocu-Boo –  all three mixed.

Thankfully stores like Target love to slash prices on seasonal items the day after the holiday.   I can restock for the winter for just about a buck a box at this point.

If you haven’t tried these sweet and crunchy monsters  – you are missing out.

It really is all about the simple things.


FrankenBoo Forever.