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16 Jan

Admit it, you have seen this in your store a dozen times, haven’t you?  Me too. I never bought one, because frankly it’s really too much food to cook for just me at one time. If I was having a game watching party or something, this would be IDEAL. Actually I would probably just order delivery.

  BUT… I was walking the aisles of my local grocer, looking for new items,  it struck me… if there is a pizza AND wings- (sorry… WYNGZ…ugh what a     name…) maybe they were each in their own package and I can review them separately.  So I bought it.

I chose to cook the pizza for lunch, and save the leftovers  to go with these wings (whatever) for dinner while I watch the basketball game.

Something about good wings and a good game of hoops ….I don’t know….

Boston was playing…and Rondo was on the way to a triple double…….and I digress.

Anyway I get it open and SURPRISE!!!  My gamble pays off and they are separated.   So the wing(huh?)s go in the freezer.

Now I have had a DiGiorno Pizza tons of times before, so there is not much to review here.   It’s a pretty decent pie, but for some reason I never quite get it perfected.  It’s usually either under done or burnt.   I can’t find that sweet spot.

I blame this on my new oven, which has a “convection” baking setting that absolutely TURBO cooks everything and screws up my cooking times almost always.

So after “doctoring” this pizza (adding a little more cheese, some fresh herbs, and just the right amount of imported italian olive oil drizzle) I polished off a few slices,  but was already looking forward to the win…..ugh..WYNGZ.

Truth be told, even a few hours later, I was still kinda full from the few slices I had earlier.  That and I really don’t like to reheat frozen pizza after I cook it.  It just never tastes the same.

NOW FOR SOME WYNGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some assembly required here as you have two bags. A “sauce” bag and a “chicken bag”.

The sauce bag goes into a bowl of warm water to soften up and defrost.  The chicken goes into the oven for a few minutes.   I was pretty surprised at how big these pieces were.   They are sold by weight, so you might get six to eight pieces per order.   Mine had seven pretty good-sized chicken chunks.

With game time coming up, I was happy that my turbo-charged confection oven setting would rocket-fire (not to be confused with rock-a-fire) these little suckers in a matter of minutes.

Now you might not tell from the picture, but they came out nice and golden brown.  I tossed them into the sauce, and you know what????

This is some good stuff!!  It was the perfect size for my appetite at the time.  The buffalo sauce was tangy and had a kick to it.

The wings were so good, that I wish DiGiorno would just sell them by themselves!!!!

(okay DiGiorno…feel free to steal my idea!!!!)