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12 Nov

I can’t find Holland on a map, but this Boar’s Head cheese is seriously good-uh.   Get it?  yeah that was horrible.

Cheese-n-crackers is a simple and great mid-day snack.  I have it quite a little bit.   Usually it’s a can of Easy Cheese and some crackers….but all that may change going forward.

This Gouda is so mild and creamy…it’s the absolute best cheese I have had in quite some time.  It goes fantastic with everything I have thrown at it.

Oh…and did I mention it’s like…8 dollars for that hunk you see in the photo?   INSANE, I thought, until I sampled it at the store.    Then I gladly bought two.   Cheese is so subjective, so sample it if you can before dropping that kind of coin.  Nothing worse than buying something then discovering it is not to your taste.   I just got lucky.  Usually I hate frou-frou cheese, but this was all in my wheelhouse.