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15 Apr

UntitledI love Neapolitan ice cream.  It makes me feel like I am totally ripping off the ice cream company.  I mean I am getting THREE flavors for the price of ONE – HAHAHAHAHAh!!!

(disclaimer:  actually despite the container containing three equal parts of ithree different flavors of ice cream, in reality, those three amounts actually equal one single container of ice cream.  So you are not actually getting away with anything.)

Hey disclaimer.  Shut your mouth!

So when I see the Klondike in Neapolitan I am thinking GENIUS!!!!!!!!!   I couldn’t wait to get home and open one of these.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?  How about —actually almost running over an ice cream truck in my neighborhood because I blew the stop sign trying to get home before these Klondikes start to melt???

Yeah.  top that.

So these are still freezer fresh and I unwrap and take a bite.   Taste tells me I have struck the Strawberry side of things first.   Which is great because I love Strawberry.  But here it seems a little off.  Like a little too much artificial flavoring or something.   It’s just not the flavor I want.   I skip around the bar to the other side and catch me some chocolate and some vanilla and both of those are great.   But I think after this box I will go back to the original Klondike.


24 Jul

Oh, Ben and Jerry…you do so know how to tempt me.  My imagination and yours seem to be running on similar frequencies.

It’s summertime and State Fairs and local carnivals are popping up or just around the corner and who doesn’t love cotton candy?

Ben and Jerry have released a limited edition (natch) Cotton Candy ice cream that I found at Walmart.

Like most things B/J — it’s quite addictive and delicious.   Each candy sprinkle has a little crunch to it and reminds you of that cotton candy you get at the circus, carnival, etc…

I  thought this sounded kinda plain and simple but it turned out to be very good.  So reluctantly I have to encourage you to battle the forces of Walmart in order to get this tasty treat.

Ben & Jerry can make me eat anything!

10 Sep

I loves me some BEN AND JERRY’s.   Seriously, these two guys can make just about anything into a fantastic ice-cold treat.

From SCHWEDDY BALLS to PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH (help me get that flavor resurrected by the way) – these guys know their stuff.

Greek yogurt by itself is pretty TART.  I know people who eat it and love it.   All I can think of is the bite it has.

So when I saw B&J coming out with their own Greek, I had absolutely NO reservations because I trust these guys.

What we have today is BANANA PEANUT BUTTER.    It’s Banana Greek Yogurt with swirls of peanut butter in it.

The stuff is light, fluffy, creamy and is such an off beat and instant flavor.   It makes me think of ELVIS (who was known to love PB&Banana sandwiches).   I bet he would have loved this.  Even more than me.

Attention BEN and JERRY!!!!

8 Aug


I don’t ask for much in this life, but for the love of all things junk-foody-  BEN.  JERRY.  HEAR ME PLEASE.

BRING BACK THIS ICE CREAM.  It was so rich.  So creamy.  So delish.   So different than any other ice cream I have ever had.   It was brilliant.  It was bold and daring.   It was the BEST ice cream.  EVER.

Please bring it back.  Thank you for your time.