The Chickie Bickie

2 Aug

UntitledI am hardly ever up early enough for this delectable breakfast item…..but today???ohhh man.

I mean seriously — who in the hell doesn’t like the Chick-fil-a Chicken biscuit?????/

How difficult would it be to offer this all day?  I mean come on guys…Mickey D’s and Jack in the box does all day breakfastes…..and yes

I.  said.  Breakfastes……it’s my blog.  deal with it.



1 Aug

UntitledHiya.   Welcome back.

I’m really not sure what a “Strawberry Nut” is but these M&M’s are some kind of damn awesome!   These are your basic peanut candies…but there is a hint of strawberry flavoring in there….it’s mild but addictive.  They also have a color code to match the flavor….red…pink…green….LIMITED EDITION….AVAILABLE FOR A SHORT TIME… go stock up now!!!!



31 Mar

UntitledOkay what are we looking at todayyy….oh yeah…

well, I DO taste cheese flavor…and some onion.

yeah…some onion for sure.    So yeah…these are available.


30 Mar

UntitledNow you KNOW I LOVES me some wings.  Bone-in, bone-out, bone-less, bone-whatever.   One of the great flavors for wings is Garlic Parmesan…so when I saw these in the freezer at Walmart I was interested.

Two trays of microwaveable “wyngz” with “kicker” sauce if I want it extra spicy?   Hmmmmm…..go on.

Well fresh from my microwave these were NOT good.  They were soggy and chewy and did I say NOT good already?

Having most of my afternoon free, I decided to go ahead and fire-up the oven and cook these suckers ol’ fashion style….and that result was way better…duh.

I enjoyed the flavor of the kicker packets and the garlic parm sauce as well.  I would for sure buy these again…but I would never microwave them again.   woof.


29 Mar

UntitledOh boy.

Well….I DO taste some malty…maybe barley-yyy taste…and maybe I am getting some hints of meat….I guess I am tasting what they want me to taste…but….meh..


28 Mar

UntitledWhat you are looking at is prolly my favorite “fancy” burger of all-time.  The Jalapeno BBQ Smashburger is:

Grilled Garlic Jalapenos, aged cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, haystack onions, BBQ sauce- all on an egg bun.

It’s a MONSTER and I love it.   It’s super-juicy and those garlic jalapenos…..oh my damn….


27 Mar

UntitledLove the look of this place.  It’s got a great vibe to it.   Laid-back-loft is what it reminds me of.

The staff was helpful and friendly and I ordered ya basic two meat pie.   I chilled in the cool joint and waited for my pizza.

While waiting I got a call so I changed my order to go.  What you see is what I got.    It’s a good pizza but…