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1 Nov

UntitledYou can’t have a sauce called “Triple Dog Dare” and NOT expect me to try it.

So I tried it.   In the minutes waiting for these I was wondering who was going to drive me to the hospital.   How was I going to survive these?

Well, I had them and I am still here.  These were SOOOOOOO not what I expected.  I had to ask twice if I received the correct sauce flavor.  I am told it was correct.  These were hot…but with some added paprika or something it seemed.    Decent flavor but they are nowhere near the top of their HEAT LEVEL chart like they showed me.  I wouldn’t try them again…Hooters has plenty of other sauces that are wayyyyy better.



17 Oct

UntitledYou don’t see much CiCi’s stuff here on the JFC and that is because most of the time it’s a lackluster experience.

Until this time.

For some reason I got a hankering for wings while at a Cici’s and gave them a go.   Got them to go actually.  I got your basic ten piece “Hot Buffalo” and you know what….. from CiCi’s….?????….. These were actually pretty damn good.    Nice amount of char from the oven-baking….and a sauce with a good volume of heat.  These are the best thing on the menu!!!! ……next to those cinnamon rolls….woo


13 Apr

UntitledSo you KNOW I love me some Hot Wings.   If ya didn’t know, now you know.  Dig it?

The other day I am at KFC and I remember they serve hot wings.   It has been a LONG time since I have had them.   I believe the last time was when they were the Honey BBQ wings and I loved them because they were so rich and sticky-sweet and bbq-y…just a big ol’ mess of goodness.

I didn’t see the Honey BBQ anymore on the menu (of course) so I ordered your basic wings.   What you see is what I got.    At first I figured they messed up the order – those look like big boneless wings.    But no, it is indeed, their hot wings.

Under all that crunch and breadding is some heat but not much actual chicken.   I was sort of wishing I had just ordered some regular sized pieces of chicken and used some hot sauce.    They were decent but not very satisfying.  I was sort of surprised by this actually.