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9 Aug

UntitledI have made NO BONES about how much I love the wings from WING RUN.  The fact that they are inside Mazzio’s Pizza (which I also love) makes it a double-trouble restaurant.   Do I get pizza?  Do I get wings?

Answer is usually : yes.

So on my last visit -( this time, Tulsa OK) I was surprised to see they have some new flavors.  The one shown here is called “Fiery Wings”.

I have had “MACH FOUR” (their hottest) so I was curious about these.  I got some boneless and was ready to chow-down.

These have some good flavor – the heat creeps up…but it’s more of your basic buffalo style….that pepper and slight butter flavor.  The sauce was also super-thick too.  Almost like a paste over a sauce.   These are good and I would order them again – BUT….you know I love Lemon Pepper and Mach Four…so I would probably think to get those first.  My two faves!!!



24 Jan

UntitledSooo….. I keep trying the wings at WingStreet.  To be honest, I don’t know exactly when the whole “pizza and wings” thing came about.   It’s great if you are feeding a crowd or having food for a game but….eh….. most of the time you get great pizza and “meh” wings ….or the other way around.

I have said in the past that I love the chicken that WingStreet uses— BIG chunks of white meat chicken.  As far as flavors go…I haven’t found one that I am crazy about.   I DO love Lemon Pepper, so when I heard they have a new rub I was ready.

And you can see…not much in the way of coloring …and not much in added taste as well.  They are salty and a hint…and I mean HINT of lemon or pepper flavor…but it’s only a HINT.

Hint= not much here people.


1 Nov

UntitledYou can’t have a sauce called “Triple Dog Dare” and NOT expect me to try it.

So I tried it.   In the minutes waiting for these I was wondering who was going to drive me to the hospital.   How was I going to survive these?

Well, I had them and I am still here.  These were SOOOOOOO not what I expected.  I had to ask twice if I received the correct sauce flavor.  I am told it was correct.  These were hot…but with some added paprika or something it seemed.    Decent flavor but they are nowhere near the top of their HEAT LEVEL chart like they showed me.  I wouldn’t try them again…Hooters has plenty of other sauces that are wayyyyy better.


17 Oct

UntitledYou don’t see much CiCi’s stuff here on the JFC and that is because most of the time it’s a lackluster experience.

Until this time.

For some reason I got a hankering for wings while at a Cici’s and gave them a go.   Got them to go actually.  I got your basic ten piece “Hot Buffalo” and you know what….. from CiCi’s….?????….. These were actually pretty damn good.    Nice amount of char from the oven-baking….and a sauce with a good volume of heat.  These are the best thing on the menu!!!! ……next to those cinnamon rolls….woo


28 Mar

UntitledMy tastes are ever-evolving when it comes to wing flavors.  Wingstop has debuted a new flavor that I like called SMOKE 9.   It’s exactly what you might think…a smoky…bbq-y…slightly pepper-y…dry rub type flavor.

Not a total dry rub though, as you can see.  It’s good but it’s missing a note…like maybe a sweetness?

And then it hits me.  These sort of taste like a more smoky version of the Nashville Hot Chicken from KFC.

Now whether that is intended or by accident, if you know about both, it’s undeniable.    KFC has them just by a hair on the flavor…but of course Wingstop has them on the quality of the chicken and it’s flavor.  Comparison aside it’s still very good…..but I am still waiting for Wingstop to bring back their best flavor ever….the Serrano Pepper Glaze…oh how I miss that sauce!!!


10 Nov


Okay SONIC has come out — guns blazin’ — with a whole new line of boneless wings with several new flavors.  Today we take on the Garlic Parmesan and Buffalo. As you see here to the left, these are packaged in their hot dog containers.  Which is kinda strange at first but it is a pretty smart vessel to deliver these things.  Saves Sonic the trouble and cash of buying some kind of new container just for this limited-time item. Smart, that. The pieces (at least in the orders I got) weren’t tiny chicken nuggets.  These are pretty nice sized pieces and the current special of BOGO on Mondays means they are cheap too!   Two orders of six for around 4 bucks.   Nice.     The Garlic Parmesan (above left) has some good flavor to them.   Nice and herb-y and garlicky.  It does sorta remind me of a thicker Italian salad dressing type flavor to it.  Not really a bad thing.  Just an observation.   I gobbled these up quick


Next up was the basic Buffalo.  This was decent but the butter/cayenne flavor seemed a bit off.  Too much butter and not enough heat.   These were pretty pedestrian.   Of the two choices I would for sure have the Garlic Parmesan again but probably not the regular Buffalo.

stay tuned….more flavor reviews coming up!

Have you tried them?  If so tell me about it in the comments section below.


20 Aug

Wing Street Hot BBQ

So I find myself back at WingStreet and this time I am going with the SPICY BBQ.

As I have said before, I like the size and taste of the chicken chunks (bone-out) that they serve at WingStreet but I have yet to find a sauce I am really crazy about.  I figure if they were to overhaul their sauce selection they could really be a top contender in the wing game.

This SPICY BBQ is probably the best sauce I have had so far.  It’s a rich and thick sauce that is just slightly sweet with some heat on the back-end.   It wasn’t until the last bite that I noticed that heat had snuck up on me.   Overall a good taste and lots of flavor but still not quite the ‘WOw” factor I am looking for.  Again I say, the best I have had yet.

BUT now that I found this sauce I at least have a fallback sauce while I continue searching for their best.


1 May

UntitledJust when I think I am out….they pull me back in!

I have always liked the wings at Wingstop but as much as I loved the Atomic and Lemon Pepper flavors….but this new flavor is a game changer..

This sauce is SO good.  Such a masterstroke of genius…. that I have made the trip to my local Wingstop EVERY DAY for the last THREE days in a row to get these wings.   Uh-may-zing!!!!

I am in LOVE with these new SERRANO PEPPER GLAZE wings at Wingstop.   It’s a sweet heat and it’s NOT overly hot.   Which is surprising to my tastebuds ….but only because I usually want lava-hot wings.

These are unfortunately for a limited time, but hopefully the turnout will be big enough that they will become a permanent item on the menu.   It is the best item they have ever offered.  Period.

This is EXACTLY the type of signature sauce that I was looking for from Wingstop.   It’s so unique.  It’s so full of flavor.   It’s a complex sweet-heat.  Citrus-y and tangy.   Then the slow-rise heat comes in.    The creativity of flavor here is just fantastic.

Bravo Wingstop.


6 Mar

Wing Run Lemon Pepper Wings at Mazzio'sAnother road trip and I find myself near Mazzio’s.  I am overjoyed by this because I love their pizza.   In the parking lot I notice a big sign that reads “WING RUN”.   I have no idea what this means.   I am thinking they are just having a special on their wings or something.

Oh no, friends.  This would be a game-changing visit to my beloved Mazzio’s.

You see Mazzio’s (based out of Tulsa OK) has co-branded wings from another Tulsa based biz (WING RUN CAFE) to offer WING RUN WINGS at all Mazzio’s locations.  Oh I was so intrigued.

I decided to try two of their flavors:  Lemon Pepper and SuperSonic.  The lemon pepper wings came out with a beautiful golden-brown color.   I mean look at those on the left.   Those are some good looking wings.  I like mine a little crispy or well-done and these were cooked perfect.  Crispy skin and a delicious lemon-pepper flavoring.   These were awesome.

Mazzio's supersonic wingAnd of course I had to try the hottest ones as well – the SuperSonic.  Oh. My. Damn.   These wings were KILLER!!!!!  That sauce was no-joke.   It was some serious heat and mad flavor.

This might be the best wings I have ever had.  Like, ever.

This visit absolutely blew my mind because Mazzio’s has done something incredible here.  Now only do they make my favorite pizza but now they carry wings that UH-MAY-ZING as well?

My only problem now is when I visit, what do I order?  Wings?  Pizza? Both.

Oh of course BOTH.

WING TOWN – Irving

3 Oct

I wanna tip you guys off to this place I found in Irving because it might be the best wings in “Crooked I”.  I am referring to this little-out-of-the-way-place called  WING TOWN.  It’s a BYOB place that is open super-late on the weekends and serves up some truly great wings.

I know there are other joints in the area that have hot chicks serving wings, or “stops” you can make to get wings but for my money, what John Sawyer (owner) is doing is building something good here .  From the ground-up.   And like all new biz…there are just a couple of growing-pains.

But first- as far as chicken wings go, this guy gets it.  You get nice sized portions, no “dinky wings” to be found here.  These guys make THE BEST Lemon Pepper wings I have had in the DFW.   PERIOD.

They also have some of the best boneless wings I have had.   Freshly made from chicken breast…not some pre-made nuggets here.  So this place is kicking ass and taking names.   They got me hooked on two things at once!

They also have this one sauce called “Suicidal” (I think…keep reading) which is some VERY nice heat to it — and it’s the flavor I most crave from that place.  I love love love this sauce.   It’s a constant battle when I order…do I get the Lemon Pepper (my favorite) or the Suicidal (my other favorite).    I like to have many favorites.

Sauce is SUPER important at Wing Town too because they do something I haven’t seen done at any other wing-joint.  They encourage you to experiment with all their ingredients and come up with unique flavors and creations.  I think this is a fantastic idea.

Add to this, the owner, who is usually there…has incredible passion and dedication to making this work.   It shows in his approach  to customer service and you can hear it when he talks about his business.  He wants to be the best.  He wants to put out a good product.   He takes  this stuff serious.   I love that and it’s one of the reasons I keep going back because the place is a full 30 min drive each way to pick up wings.   So you know I gotta like the product.   And I do.  It’s a couple of other points that sorta bother me.

ONE- My biggest issue is the discontinuation of  the “SUICIDAL” sauce.   I have tried the “HOT” and it’s pretty mundane.  I know they now have “Ghost Pepper” but the heart wants what the heart wants and it wants more SUICIDAL sauce.     Somehow I gotta find a way to get this back on the menu.   Even if it’s only for me and I have to ask for it special…I don’t care.   It’s gotta return.  

TWO-  When the cats away….The first few times I visited, I was dealing with the owner.   When he was explaining how he encourages his sauce mash-ups and all that…it sounded great.    We joked about how mixing this or that would be crazy-unique and he was like “go for it!”    I like that encouragement from the management.

I don’t find that when he isn’t there.    A couple of times I was greeted by other employees and didn’t see the owner.  Maybe he was in the back or off at that particular time, but when I mentioned mixing a rub and a sauce together…or this and that sauce… I was stonewalled with:

“why would you want that?  It’s not gonna make it taste any better”.  

Okay, maybe not, but I thought the idea here was to experiment…not be talked out of it by the employee.   But I digress.  The employees aren’t rude or anything…I found them all to be friendly – but that stutter-step of trying to talk someone out of something seemed out of place.


Overall, this place is the true Underdog of wing joints and you know how I love to root for the Underdog.   I visit it as often as I can but if you live in Irving, it’s seriously THE PLACE to try.      I think all you wing-heads and hot-heads out there will love it just as much as I do.

P.S. – and please hound them for the return of SUICIDAL sauce.   JFC thanks you.

Wing Town

1930 North Story Road

Irving, TX 75061


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