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11 Oct

UntitledWOW. This.  Is.  Special.   Arby’s you did it this time!

This is the best sammich I have ever had from Arby’s.  It’s sooooo good.

If it was just a chicken parm sammich I would be happy…but just the simple addition of some deli slice pepperoni takes this to the next level.  It’s for a limited go get it FAST….oh lawd…’s so good…


28 Mar

UntitledWhat you are looking at is prolly my favorite “fancy” burger of all-time.  The Jalapeno BBQ Smashburger is:

Grilled Garlic Jalapenos, aged cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, haystack onions, BBQ sauce- all on an egg bun.

It’s a MONSTER and I love it.   It’s super-juicy and those garlic jalapenos…..oh my damn….


20 Feb

UntitledOhhhhhhkay BK, NOW you are on to something here.

I love chicken.  I love fries. I like chicken-fries.

I did NOT like the Buffalo Chicken fries…they didn’t live up to the hype.

I did NOT like the Cheetos Chicken Fries….again…hype.

Now these here?????  These here Jalapeno Chicken Fries???  These here????  These have something to say.   The breadding on these have bits of jalapeno in them, so you get a scattered bit of heat during the experience.   I have had these twice now and both times I had to wait…which is fine because I wanted them fresh.   Fresh they were.   Nice and crispy.   Flavor and style.  This is a Chicken Fry I can support on a regular basis.

So…of course it will be a limited time thing.   sigh…..


15 Feb


I haven’t had these since I was a kid.   Man…oh man…do these things kick ass!!!

Yes, they have been in the import aisle in the store for some time but they always tasted OLD.

Ever had WHOPPERS?  Okay…well these kick that whopper ass.

MALTESERS (pronounced MALL- TEASERS) take what is good about Whoppers and makes it way better…the chocolate is lighter,creamy, and has a depth of flavor to it.  The inside malted part is LIGHT…airy…crispy rather than crunchy and sometimes chalky.

Love. Love.  Love.  Love that these are finally available nationwide.    Fantastic news!!!



3 Feb

UntitledWhen I was a kid, I thought these was candy.

yep.   100% serious.

My best friend’s mom had a car and she would take us to get snacks for movie night, and this was one of my go-to moves.

It says right on the package….tastes great!!!  soothes your throat!!!!   No where does it tell me that it is a COUGH DROP…..what the hell did I know?    I was FIVE!!!!  I went through BOXES of these weekly as a kid.

And you know what?  I never get coughs.   Evah.


2 Feb

UntitledOkay, these IS sneaky already…..

When I saw these at my local Albertsons (and so far only at Albertsons) and my first thought was that these “bowtie” are a new offering from the same company that gave me those Marinara Chips that I loved SO MUCH.  You can see that review here :PASTA CHIPS – MARINARA

Well, from what I can tell (google) these are NOT made by Pasta Chips…the company…but are rather pasta chips…in the shape of bowties… head is starting to hurt.

Anyways…..these are AWESOME all on their own!   I love meatball parm…as a as a chip?  These things were salty, tomato-y,cheesy, and every other-y that I need-y it to be-y…….instant classic and instant addiction!!!!! YUM YUM YUM.


12 Aug

UntitledJust the design of this bag alone was enough to make me buy it.   It just looks kooky and cool.  The chips inside are exactly like that…kooky and cool.  They have a sweet-heat to them that are addictive and that mix of flavors and the texture of those chips are soooo good.  I got them at Potbelly’s but I hope I can find them in full-size bags in my local stores.   Definitely a must buy!!!!


11 Aug

Untitledohhhhh…my…my…do I dig the hell out of these.   The salt and pepper really give these cashews a new life.  They are so addictive.   I can’t stop eating them.  They are my new favorite thing.


24 Aug

Sprouts Gummi Bears

Okay let’s get this right, straight away…I don’t even like Gummy Bears.  They are usually too damn hard to chew and the flavor fades faster than Fruit Stripe gum.

But these here Gummies????? THESE GUMMIES?????  From Sprouts grocery store??????

I don’t know who and I don’t care who brought them into the JFC compound but they are going fast.   These things are FANTASTIC.   They have the perfect consistency (not too chewy and hard) and they have great color and some knock-out flavors packed in each bite.

Hear me now, I LOVE these damn Gummies from SPROUTS.  They were like 5 bucks a pound or something on the label here but they are SOOOOOO good.

Did I mention I don’t even LIKE gummie candy?  These are a whole new ballgame.

HAWAIIAN PUNCH – Lemon Berry Squeeze

19 Aug

UntitledCapri Sun should probably be a bit worried at this point.

Okay so it only took 20 years for someone to figure it out, but now Hawaiian Punch has pouches????

Of course you realize this means war.

This Lemon Berry Squeeze is damn fine too.  It’s sweet and lemon-berry-yyyy – like a Strawberry Lemonade.   I was mad thirsty and it hit the spot and gave me all sorts of mixed drink ideas for the grown and sexy folks.  In this battle, we win.   Let Capri Sun and Hawaiian Punch duke it out..I’m gonna sit back and get my juice!