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17 Aug


This HAS to be the cheapest date night you can have with yourself.  Or with someone if you both aren’t that hungry.

TWO dollars and Seventy-nine cents (okay…it’s actually like $3.03 with tax) at The Sev, and you get a Big Gulp, two slices of pizza, and a coupon for a FREE RedBox rental (which are normally just outside the front door of The Sev).

After a particularly horrible day, this might be the perfect end to that “perfect” day.   Pizza and a flick for $3.03 is just silly-cheap.

Available now at every single Sev I pass, so jump on it now.


10 Aug

UntitledI told you a few years ago that…as fast food made a dent in dine-in restaurants…..convenience stores would eventually step up their game and make a dent into fast food joints.

That time, my friends, is upon us.    Take this dog for example.   A BACON wrapped dog is something you would expect from maybe Sonic’s summertime menu?  But no…it actually comes from  The Sev…. (7-11….do I have to keep explaining it by now??)

The SEV ain’t just getting fancy with a bacon-dog.   They are getting smart by coming up with new and fun items to get you in the door and out of the drive-thru.

It’s a killer idea and who in this crazy world doesn’t like BACON?  Hello… bacon dog.   Now get in my belly!!!!