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31 Aug

UntitledTiny Toast.   These represent everything cool about cereal.  It’s a super-simple concept, has a fun shape, is easily recognizable, and has fruit flavor….all the hallmarks of a legendary cereal in the making.   I loved the hell out of both of these.  They are highly snackable (both in and out of a bowl of milk) and they have nice little burst of fruit flavor.   I especially dug the Blueberry.  Slightly reminded me of my beloved BooBerry cereal…which is only available during…..booyah.

From what I read, cereal is on the decline. Kids are eating healthier (probably not by choice) so the “kiddie” cereals we all grew up with might fade away one day.  I hope not.  The whole concept of Tiny Toast is a callback to a simpler time.  When all you needed was a bowl of cereal and a four-hour cartoon block of Tom and Jerry to be happy.


19 Aug

UntitledWow….twice in one week an infamous pop-culture food item returns to the shelves.

Oh HI-C….and your ECTO – COOLER.   Nostalgia is a wonderful drug.   This product was out in the late 80’s and lasted until 2001 and was discontinued.   Fans have been raging against the machine for its return..but without any tie to a Ghostbusters product….Hi-C didn’t see the point.   Bad move, that.

Flash forward to the news of a NEW Ghostbusters movie…and Hi-C got smart and announced they would reissue ECTO-COOLER!!!!!!   That time is now.

….AND…’s just like I remember. It’s citrus-y sweet and such a neon green I feel like it could glow in the dark.  It’s a perfect step back in time to when Ghostbusting was easier and Bobby Brown was a mainstay on the radio.

And bonus….that neon-y, orange-tangerine, super drink makes a perfect mixer for adult beverages. Just saying…last night the JFC crew got SLIMED on this stuff!!!




1 Dec

UntitledThe TRUE LEMON brand of products keeps impressing me.   I love their Lemonade.  It’s light and upgrades a normal bottle of water to kick-ass status.

So when I saw this new “Summer Berry Medley” under their Fruit Orchard line I was pretty stoked.

These are sweeter and double the amount of powder from the normal True Lemon products.  This threw me at first because I didn’t think all that needed to go into one bottle.  I thought these for for quart-sized bottles or something.   But no, it’s right as rain because they pack alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll–kinds of flavor into these.

I felt like I was drinking a bottle of super-good-Kool-aid or something.   It’s that damn tasty……without having to clean-up after the Kool-Aid man smashing through my wall for the 1000th time (my insurance company loves me).

This stuff is the bomb!!!




14 Oct

I grabbed this at my local convenience store and honestly was thinking it was Fruit Punch.

Nope.   Turns out its Apple.   Not an apple-blend or mash-up.  Just regular ol’ apple.

And I liked it.   It’s pretty apple-y and a quick look at the ingredient list I see it actually ISN”T just apple – it has some pear juice – which is the taste I couldn’t quite pick up by taste alone.   That pear makes the apple stand out more and I am guessing that’s the point.

All in all a solid sweet treat.


24 Sep

Sometimes I get on these “kicks”.

Lately it’s been a SNAPPLE kick.

I loved Snapple when I lived in New York and drank a ton of it.   Not sure how or why but when I got back to Texas, it sort of dropped off my radar.

I did pick it back up when The Apprentice did special flavors – because they were both very very good.    But then again, I can’t think of a Snapple I didn’t like.

This Peach Tea is all sweet and peachy.   Smooth and rich in flavor.  This is the type of tea some of those “other” teas can only wish they could create.



22 Sep

Love Hubba Bubba soda pop themed gum(s).

Dr. Pepper

Orange Crush

Hawaiian Punch (not a soda..I know…but you get it)

and now A&W Root Beer.  It’s got the soft-and-easy-to-chew-and-blow-bubbles-texture that you are used to.

Straight away the root beer flavor kicks in but it didn’t seem to last as long as the flavoring did in the other packs.  Maybe it’s just me.

Good gum though.  Hard to find.   I see this one only at Five Below lately.   Worth the buck or whatever you pay for it if you love root beer stuff.    I wish it packed the punch that those barrel-shaped root beer hard-candy treats from brachs does.

Oh great.  now I gotta find those.  I am getting a sweet tooF (yeah I said TOOF…on purpose) over here.


15 Sep

Okay Blue Bell, you gotta give it up.  Tell me just how in the bloody-blue-hell can you keep coming up with these flavors that knock my socks off?

I am in LOVE with this new ‘Bell….Old Fashioned Malt Shoppe.  It is absolutely simple.  Simple and perfect.

It is chocolate-malt ice cream with chocolate-covered-milk-balls (think whoppers but smaller) in it.

What makes this so amazing is that the ice-cream duplicates the actual flavor of the soda-fountain type malted – to the letter.

Whenever you get a chocolate malt at a fountain, unless you specify, you usually get one ladle of chocolate syrup.   So your malt tastes like chocolate and has that tan-tint to it…but it’s not overly chocolate.

Dairy Queen makes one of the best and most consistent chocolate malts I have ever had…and this ice cream tastes so much like it, I might not ever need to go to DQ again.

It’s incredible straight out the container – but I can imagine this with a little milk and a VitaMix making a soda-fountain-style treat in my own home anytime the notion strikes me.    I would have made one for this review but I ate the entire pint while catching up on my cartoons earlier.

Dear Jesus, please do not let this be one of those temporary flavors that disappears forever like the Groom’s Cake they did years past.