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7 Sep

UntitledDon Juans is a local and legendary taco joint in Grand Prairie.    It’s been around since….like forever.   One of their famous specials is Thursdays where you can get 5 basic tacos for $3.79.

For you math folks, that is roughly 75 cents for five local joint tacos.  I take that deal over taco-chain-conglomerate taco deals every time!



5 Sep

UntitledFACT:  Tostitos , translated from Spanish, means “Party Fun Chip for dipping”.

DISCLAIMER:  I failed Spanish muy fabuloso.

Anyway-  these new Tostitos Salsa Verde chips are NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are light and crisp, and have some very nice salsa verde seasoning on them.

FACT:  Salsa Verde, translated from Spanish, means “Happy Mouth Smack”.

What do you want from me?  Just go try these .   They snackable as all get out and have an addictive flavor!


11 Aug

UntitledOkay….wow….I didn’t think it would happen.   I didn’t think that it was possible to make Funyuns any more awesomeR.  But they did.

They wents and didds it, yo!

These “Steakhouse Onion” are supposed to have a “Bloomin’ Onion” sorta taste to them I guess??  I don’t know – I don’t eats bloomin’ onions enough to know.

All I know is these things are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a fuller-body flavor all over those crunchy rings.   I am afraid to type this because it’s prolly a limited time thing…which means I will love them…and they will leave me…..just like prom night.

Go check them out and report back!


10 Feb

UntitledTexans, Southerners, and hell…most people love “home cookin’ ” type restaurants.    Country Fried Steak, Chicken and Dumplings, etc….. fried…gravy…you get the idea..

So while traveling through Pantego, I saw this NOW OPEN sign on a place called Country Kitchen.   It was early breakfast time…so this sounded perfect.

It’s a family run business and the location is large and very clean and home-y.   The staff were polite enough – but very straight forward.   Polite but not quite friendly I would say.

We were seated and given menus.    Service is a little on the slow side.   I keep reminding myself that the sign outside said NOW OPEN, so maybe they are still working out the kinks of opening a new place.

The Chicken Fried Steak (shown above) was very hit and miss.  The mashed potatoes were light and fluffy, but it and the ‘steak was smothered in some very generic gravy.   The Chicken Fried Steak itself tasted like the frozen kind I could get at the store and make myself.  Not a good sign.

UntitledWe moved on to their version of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles.

The chicken was…again…something close to what I could pick up from the frozen food aisle.  These didn’t taste bad…just not fresh or made to order.

The waffle, on the other hand, was super-light…fluffy with a little bit of crispness to the edges….EXACTLY the kind of waffle you want.   It was sooooo good, actually.

The absolute best part of the entire meal.    Unfortunately as a whole, I didn’t enjoy the experience enough to make it my new comfort food go-to place.  Your experience may differ.




19 Jan

UntitledI understood going in. These were gummies. These were Starburst gummies. But these square pillows just seem….meh. The basic flavors (watermelon,strawberry,cherry,and blue raspberry) are good and there is a sufficient amount of “sour”….sorta….but these pillows aren’t satisfying to me. They make me wish I had just got the regular sour Starbursts. I also did NOT like that the bag was pretty sizeable…ut the amount of actual candy you get inside is about a THIRD of the bags actual size. So that felt like a gyp. Your mileage may vary.


31 Oct

UntitledI would have LOVED to have been in this meeting.

BOSS: We need to get sales of our cups and pieces up so let’s brainstorm….Dale?

DALE: uh….maybe put the pieces INSIDE the cups?

PHIL: that is stupid!!!

BOSS: You are right, that is stupid.   Phil, you’re FIRED.   This is so stupid it’s genius!!!  It just might work!

PHIL: But Boss….

BOSS: Are you still here?  Didn’t I fire you a while back?

UntitledFor me, this is indulgence inside of indulgence. I love both products so the six-year-old in me was ecstatic at the notion of eating a favorite inside another favorite.

But as you can see…the cups I got don’t quite have as many pieces as the photo on the wrapper. I think I hit two or three per cup.   I was hoping for more but still this is a kick-ass idea and treat for the kid in all of us.


28 Oct

UntitledJust when I think we are done, Debbie manages to figure out a way to make us go together again. These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

Oh my damn….these are the best Little Debbie snack I have ever had. I love the taste of strawberry and fudge/chocolate so these are right out of my mind and into my mouth.  Very simple and did I mention these things are @##(*)(ing incredible when dipped in chocolate milk?  WOO!