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3 Aug

UntitledOkay first of all I love the name.   Caesar talks like me.  We could be mates.   Pizza. Pizza.

The concept is simple.  It’s….wait…

…it tells you on the box…duh.

So yeah – the most cheese and the most pepperoni for six bucks.   I have always been a fan of LC….their square pizzas mainly…but I like round too…

UntitledThe first thing I noticed was the crust is thicker than normal.  I am sure this is to handle the weight of all that extra cheese and meat.

I really liked the thicker crust.  This pizza has some serious HEFT to it.   It’s solid and filling.   It’s also twice as greasy as their regular pie… you can see …there was so much grease that it soaked through the box and was actually seeping into my car seat…..

…..but DAMN this pie was AWESOME!!!!!  The extra REALLY sets it off.   Get a side of CRAZY SAUCE to go with and you got one hell of a pizza night.

They TOTALLY need to keep this on the menu.   Or at least in the rotation of specials.   DEFINITELY worth it.


10 Mar

UntitledNow this is what I am talkin’ about, kids.

Hideout Burgers in Mansfield is the real deal.  It’s a no-frills burger joint and that is all I want it to be. Hideout makes a homestyle burger that is probably the best burger I have had in Mansfield.  Period.   Without exception.

The staff is friendly and the cafe has some speedy services.  Those burgers we ordered slid onto our table by a friendly face in a matter of minutes.   The place was kind of busy that night too.   Families and kid sport teams all chowin’ down.    Family friendly type place.  Just a great all-around experience.  Lookin’ forward to going back for another burger and trying the rest of the menu.


23 Feb

UntitledI loves the Panda.  Well..almost everything Panda.  Their fortune cookies are always lame fortunes.  I never get a good one.  I get lotto numbers.  What am I gonna do with that?  Play the lotto?  PFFT…

So I am at the Panda and they have Firecracker Chicken breast back on the menu.   Chicken, peppers, onions, with some black bean sauce?   Serve it up, homie!

Okay, the photo might not look crazy-appealing…but trust and believe…it’s good stuff.




2 Feb

UntitledOkay, these IS sneaky already…..

When I saw these at my local Albertsons (and so far only at Albertsons) and my first thought was that these “bowtie” are a new offering from the same company that gave me those Marinara Chips that I loved SO MUCH.  You can see that review here :PASTA CHIPS – MARINARA

Well, from what I can tell (google) these are NOT made by Pasta Chips…the company…but are rather pasta chips…in the shape of bowties… head is starting to hurt.

Anyways…..these are AWESOME all on their own!   I love meatball parm…as a as a chip?  These things were salty, tomato-y,cheesy, and every other-y that I need-y it to be-y…….instant classic and instant addiction!!!!! YUM YUM YUM.


1 Feb

UntitledTwo corn tortillas, fire-grilled chicken, onion and cilantro.

Now I look at that and think “Street Taco”.   But I guess Street Taco doesn’t sound as cool as “Chicken Taco Al Carbon” (said in my Antonio Banderas voice..seriously…I sound just like him).

Anyway El Pollo Loco is new at this location of 360 in Arlington.  They offer “fire-citrus-chicken” and it’s quite tasty.   These tacos were very light and fresh tasting.

The only drawback is I asked for salsa and I got pico.  I bet with salsa, these  could easily be a favorite thing of mine.   Guess I have an excuse to go back.

Very very reasonable prices and fresh taste???  Win. Win.   Go Try’em.


31 Jan

UntitledColonel Sanders has never been so busy.  Between making those annoying commercials (and KFC knows they are annoying…they think it’s funny…which I think is funny) and rolling out new snacks, that man is gettin’ too old for this $#!+

KFC Georgia Gold BBQ is a honey mustard based sauce that KFC rolled out last Friday night.   I had pretty good timing on this visit – my chicken and biscuit were all rolling out hot and fresh.   The chicken tenders are their standard version – but these were probably the best I ever had since they were ultra-fresh.  Super tender inside and crispy outside.

The Georgia Gold sauce (you can see a slight gold hue to the chicken above) gave it a nice mild kick.  Good flavors.   A little more mild than I was expecting.   I was/am a big fan of KFC’s Nashville HOT this is just a step terms of boldness.  Which is fine…and it’s good…but it sorta makes me think they should have released this one first and then the hotter style later.

For sure worth trying.  It just might be your new favorite thing from that crazy colonel.


27 Jan

UntitledOkay, wow.  I have never eaten at Arby’s this much in my whole life….as I have this year.   They keep coming up with the meats….and I likes’em for it!

This is almost the perfect sammich.   It’s got Angus Steak, Italian Seasoning, Provolone cheese, Red and Yellow peppers, and a Roasted Garlic Aioli (which I skipped)…all on a rustic sub roll.

It’s large.  It’s filling.   It’s full of flavor.   It’s a MAN sammich.  A MAMMICH, if you will.

It DOES NOT beat their meatball sammich, but it’s damn close.   It’s also a limited time thing..(of course) so try it ASAP.