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MARKET PANTRY – Mixed Fruit Gummie Snacks

14 May

UntitledMarket Pantry is the Private Label Brand of Target products.   They have a huge variety of products…today it’s the $1 bag of gummies I found next to the checkout.   C’mon now….a dollah…for some gummies?? What a simple and cheap treat…..

That tastes rather cheap.  I taste more gummie than flavor.  These are very chewy….so there is that.  Maybe these should have been labeled as chewys.


19 Jan

UntitledI understood going in. These were gummies. These were Starburst gummies. But these square pillows just seem….meh. The basic flavors (watermelon,strawberry,cherry,and blue raspberry) are good and there is a sufficient amount of “sour”….sorta….but these pillows aren’t satisfying to me. They make me wish I had just got the regular sour Starbursts. I also did NOT like that the bag was pretty sizeable…ut the amount of actual candy you get inside is about a THIRD of the bags actual size. So that felt like a gyp. Your mileage may vary.


28 Oct

UntitledJust when I think we are done, Debbie manages to figure out a way to make us go together again. These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

Oh my damn….these are the best Little Debbie snack I have ever had. I love the taste of strawberry and fudge/chocolate so these are right out of my mind and into my mouth.  Very simple and did I mention these things are @##(*)(ing incredible when dipped in chocolate milk?  WOO!

Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn

11 Oct

UntitledYeah, lemme tell you right now.  These.  Are.  Gross.   End of story.



1 Sep

UntitledI’m not usually much of a “brownie” person but man these hit the spot and my sweet tooth.

It’s a two-pack of light and chocolate-y brownies with mini M&M’s sprinkled on top.

It’s exactly the kind of sweet-treat that will keep me quiet and make me forget about the drama and idiot-people in my life for awhile.


10 Aug

UntitledThe Snowflake Factory in Arlington has been a staple for…well…forever.  Many a day have I passed by the small shed and saw a line that was at least 10 cars deep waiting for snow cones.  In all that time, I have never actually had one from there.

Until now.

I was riding around with the crew and we passed by and I mentioned I haven’t had one…and boom…we are in line.   For quite awhile….but it was super-hot out so that wasn’t a huge deal.

There were a couple of girls that were super-nice and super-friendly.   The prices were a little bit higher than other local snow cone shops around but the variety of flavors and the items we ordered were a hit with the gang.


25 Apr

UntitledI love just about anything lemon flavored.

So while sitting in the drive-thru at Church’s I said to myself…self…needs to try these…

They are very light, crumbly, and have a nice little lemon-y glaze to them….and then I realize this is a donut hole basically.   I feel tricked by the name.

But damn, they were still pretty tasty!


5 Nov

UntitledWho on Earth doesn’t like Star Wars?  I mean COME ON, people!!!   The adventure, the space ships, the aliens, the cool buddy-cop-friendship between Kirk and Spock?

Huh?  Oh yeah…..Star Wars, I mean.

Anyways these lightsaber pops are sure to please any kid or anyone with flavors like “Imperial Punch”?   Hell yeah I want one!!


2 Nov


Snatch these up on all those “after-Halloween” sales you run into.

Never had a fruit roll-up in my life but I love me some Frankenberry and Boo Berry so it was a no-brainer.

Both are berry-berry flavorful (hee hee hee).

The only problem I have is unrolling these damn things.   For some reason they stick and pull in the wrong direction and make it a silly exercise to get them free from their wrapper.

Other than that, why in the hell haven’t I had these before?


15 Sep


// new to Combos (just tried them for the first time a few months ago) but loving the hell out of the pizza and pretzel cheddar flavors….I was skeptical about this new one.

This new “Sweet and Salty” line has me thinking I am gonna love them…or hate them.

And again, I am wrong.   I don’t hate them OR love them.  I am pretty “MEH” about them actually.

The pretzel part I am used to, and quite like, but it’s the “chocolate fudge” part that throws me off.  It’s sweet and chocolate-y…sort of….but it tastes more like cake frosting than actual chocolate fudge.

Try’em yourself and get back to me, kids.