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10 Aug

UntitledThe Snowflake Factory in Arlington has been a staple for…well…forever.  Many a day have I passed by the small shed and saw a line that was at least 10 cars deep waiting for snow cones.  In all that time, I have never actually had one from there.

Until now.

I was riding around with the crew and we passed by and I mentioned I haven’t had one…and boom…we are in line.   For quite awhile….but it was super-hot out so that wasn’t a huge deal.

There were a couple of girls that were super-nice and super-friendly.   The prices were a little bit higher than other local snow cone shops around but the variety of flavors and the items we ordered were a hit with the gang.

Wild About Harry’s – Dallas

1 Aug

Since 1966 there has been this kitschy lil’ place called Wild About Harry’s that is your classic malt-shop-vibe- type joint that is known for killer hotdogs and amazing custard.
I feel absolutely silly living here this long and NOT knowing about this place.   It’s throwback.  It’s retro.   It’s just a cool place that the entire family can enjoy.
This was my first time and I was in a bit of a rush so I just grabbed your basic mustard-dog to-to.   I wasn’t expecting much – as it’s just a hot dog…and I considered myself pretty well versed in the subject matter.   The custard….I would wait for another day.
What I got was perhaps the best hot dog I have had in quite some time.   Even though it’s just a simple mustard-dog…not piled high with crazy toppings…it was very very good.     Wild About Harry’s is NOT content with just throwing some random dog on a bun.   These are VIENNA BEEF dogs from Chicago and are served on the Chi-town  traditional popy-seed bun.    Having never had an actual Chicago dog – I was surprised.   I enjoyed that dog something fierce.
The joint itself is cool and the staff are super-friendly.  The atmosphere is full-on happy because…hello… it is a hot-dog and custard joint….how could you be in that place and STILL be in a bad mood?
Best Hot Dog I have had in Dallas.   Period.
Wild About Harry’s
Address: 3113 Knox St, Dallas, TX 75205
Phone:(214) 520-3113

Chick-fil-A be KRAY-KRAY

20 Jun

Sitting at the drive-thru….waiting in line at a Chick-fil-a…and I notice this sign.  I am scrambling to count my thoughts:

1.  Who in the hell likes UNsweetened tea?

2.   $4.50 for a gallon of SWEET TEA???   DAMN!!!!!!!!   I mean they got some good sweet-tea here…but a gallon is almost 5 bucks????? That is more than a gallon of GASOLINE.


4.  Hmmm…I can either fill-up my car…..or buy THREE jugs of lemonade……

5.  I LOVE me some lemonade…but …..damn… whole lunch combo didn’t cost Nine-fiddy!

Burger King Frozen Lemonade

22 Aug

Burger King is always sold out or is does not have available the new Frozen Lemonade quite often around these here parts.    I finally got one and it’s pretty good in a slurpee-slushie type way.    It’s your basic lemonde just more freezy like.

I am sure you understand what I mean.

Anyway I had half this sucker gone before I remembered I needed a pic for the website so what you see is a work-in-progress.

I LOVE lemondade and that sweet-n-sour balance.   This one from BK is a little more on the sweeter side than I would want but it’s still good on a hot day – like every day last week.

Another summer release so expect it to be gone by the time I finish drinking this one here.


7 Aug

Okay, so this ain’t ROSCOE’s CHICKEN AND WAFFLES — and it doesn’t have to be.  But it is THE BOMB!!!

(skool’n – time)  Roscoe’s is a FAMOUS place in Hollywood for serving..yup…chicken-n-waffles.     It’s a landmark.   It’s incredible.   It’s amazing that it took this long for people to start trying to knock them off.

Popeye’s could have went the cheap route here.   Serve some regular ol’ tenders and a waffle and call it a day.   I mean that is what IHOP and other places are doing.


Popeye’s went to the trouble of making a special batter for these chicken tenders.  It’s very light, crispy and crunchy with a slight sweetness  to it.  Not overly salty.   It has that slight pancake/waffle texture to it.  It’s good y’all!!

This is INSTANTLY my favorite thing I have ever had from Popeye’s.   The chicken is super-tender, juicy, moist, and rocket hot.  I think these just came out of the fryer!

I got through an entire piece before I even realized they came with a Sweet Honey Maple Sauce.    Again, these are the BOMB on their own.  Why fool with a good thing?   i am almost scared to try the sauce.  If it’s too this—or too that— this whole chicken-y goodness I am high-on right now is lost.

BOOM.  That sauce is perfect!   Slightly sweet.   Does not overpower the chicken at all.  It’s actually a very nice compliment to the tenders.    It doesn’t take much of the sauce to keep that balance.

Wow, these are good.    I totally low-balled my expectations here.   They are for a limited time (of course) but maybe they might catch on and become permanent.    I can only hope.   Again.  Best.  thing.  on.  the.  menu.   at.  Popeye’s.  Period.

Nice one, Popeye’s!!


2 Jul

Remember a couple of years back when every food place was rolling out their own “chipotle” item?    Restaurants follow hot food trends and back then all signs pointed to that pepper as being the “it” thing.

Well I am telling you right now, the NEW “IT” thing is PRETZEL.  You are gonna start seeing it everywhere.

Wetzel’s Pretzel is firmly in the DFW to challenge Auntie Anne’s.    Wendy’s has a new Pretzel Burger.  Chili’s has a new Pretzel appetizer.

And now Sonic has the new Pretzel hot dog.     They have a regular mustard dog (shown) and a cheesy bacon dog.     These are only available thru the end of August so you gotta make tracks if you wanna get one.

I was totally surprised at how much I loved the pretzel bun.    First of all it looks gorgeous and has a nice soft texture to it.   The taste is mild- it’s not overly pretzel-y, which I think is absolutely perfect.   In fact this would probably be my new favorite thing at Sonic… if it weren’t for the actual dog itself.

Inside this delicious and photogenic bun is a “weenie” of a weenie.   A big, honkin’ quarter-pound-dog would have just rocked this thing.   Alas…that puny pup is just lost in that giant bun.