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11 Aug

UntitledOkay….wow….I didn’t think it would happen.   I didn’t think that it was possible to make Funyuns any more awesomeR.  But they did.

They wents and didds it, yo!

These “Steakhouse Onion” are supposed to have a “Bloomin’ Onion” sorta taste to them I guess??  I don’t know – I don’t eats bloomin’ onions enough to know.

All I know is these things are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a fuller-body flavor all over those crunchy rings.   I am afraid to type this because it’s prolly a limited time thing…which means I will love them…and they will leave me…..just like prom night.

Go check them out and report back!


10 Aug

UntitledOkay these are fun and highly snackable.  Nice crunch and the label don’t lie…it’s a mild cheddar flavor.

These are made by Snyder’s, which is known for pretzels, so it’s cool to see them branching out and making other snacky-snacks.

These are super-new and I have only seen them at Kroger so far —- so snatch these and snack-up…and report back your thoughts!



4 Aug

UntitledTom got something here with these ring things.

Okay imagine the texture of FUNYUNS…..

….but they nacho flavored instead of onion….

…yeah baby….you got Tom’s Nacho Rings.

These things are HIGHLY addictive, YO!

Found them at my local QT.


21 Feb

UntitledHmmm.  Odd, this.

I love Cheez Its.  I love bacon.

I am not bowled over by these.   The cheddar is there but that bacon….flavor…..just seems….FAKE’n, than bacon.   I think they used just a touch too much of the bacon flavor.  If it was more mild, it might not stand out so much.


17 Feb

UntitledOkay, I wasn’t too impressed with the other Pringles LOUD offering…so when I saw this other flavor I was leery.

But the concept called to me….loud crunch….salsa flavors….sounds too yummy.  I can annoy people with a crunch and enjoy salsa flavors at the same time?


These do have a loud crunch and some good flavors too.   Like salsa on a chip…..made me all fiesta-y inside eating them.


25 Jan

UntitledOkay.   Please pay attention right now.  Hear what I am saying…writing…whatever.

These Italian Herb Ritz are

The.  Absolute.  Best.  Ritz.  Ever. Made.


Ritz, by themselves, are great crackers, but sometimes you want something kinda classy.  Kinda expensive or imported.   Something you can show off at a party.

Well…these…are them.   That Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, and Black Pepper blend really NAILS it.   These taste so fancy!


24 Aug

UntitledSnyder’s is just about your industry standard in pretzels.  Everyone loves them and I see them everywhere.

Salty.  Snackable.  Nice and simple.

They have all these different flavored pretz too that I normally like.

Normally as in…I don’t like this one.  You would think I would but these have a light cheddar dusting that is so mild that its more annoying than flavorful.  The added flavor is so barely there…ugh…I give up on these already.