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29 Mar

UntitledOh boy.

Well….I DO taste some malty…maybe barley-yyy taste…and maybe I am getting some hints of meat….I guess I am tasting what they want me to taste…but….meh..



22 Mar

UntitledTom’s.   I enjoy his products.   What I like about his chips is that they tend to come in all the flavors I love….and they are a bit heavy-handed with the seasoning….that’s bonus flavor to you and me.

So when I sees these (say that outloud..hear the flow…sees…these…whatever) on the shelf at a QT (QuikTrip…keep up kiddos) I was excited.  Love chips.  Love buffalo wings.  Buffalo Wing chips? DONE!

These are pretty good.  They have that TANG of the vinegar flavor and some nice-even-heat.   Good crunch too.   Like these when I sees these!!!


17 Feb

UntitledOkay, I wasn’t too impressed with the other Pringles LOUD offering…so when I saw this other flavor I was leery.

But the concept called to me….loud crunch….salsa flavors….sounds too yummy.  I can annoy people with a crunch and enjoy salsa flavors at the same time?


These do have a loud crunch and some good flavors too.   Like salsa on a chip…..made me all fiesta-y inside eating them.


8 Feb

UntitledMEH.   Wait.  Wait.  I am getting ahead of myself.  I enjoy Pringles.   I love Loud.   I love cheese.  I love Italian flavors and foods.

I did not love these.  There was this after taste that was ….meh.



2 Feb

UntitledOkay, these IS sneaky already…..

When I saw these at my local Albertsons (and so far only at Albertsons) and my first thought was that these “bowtie” are a new offering from the same company that gave me those Marinara Chips that I loved SO MUCH.  You can see that review here :PASTA CHIPS – MARINARA

Well, from what I can tell (google) these are NOT made by Pasta Chips…the company…but are rather pasta chips…in the shape of bowties… head is starting to hurt.

Anyways…..these are AWESOME all on their own!   I love meatball parm…as a as a chip?  These things were salty, tomato-y,cheesy, and every other-y that I need-y it to be-y…….instant classic and instant addiction!!!!! YUM YUM YUM.


20 Jan

UntitledDoritos.  Arguably the king of all chips.  I mean who in the hell doesn’t love Doritos?  Especially the Nacho Cheese flavor???  They are everywhere.    So when I see “SPICY NACHO”…in a darker colored bag I am thinking “ohhhhh….these are the darkside version of the classic original”.

No.  They are not.  I get some nacho …and it’s a touch spicier…but otherwise no cheese and a bit of a letdown for me here.  I was expecting something BOLD…like the Nacho Picaso Dinamitas they DISCONTINUED (caps means “that sucks”).   So….yeah.   another flavor.   Don’t get your hopes up… it’s not that serious here.


27 Oct

UntitledThese. Are.  Genius.  I know a ton of people that love to eat potato chips with their hamburgers over French fries.   I think it would be a master stroke if they offered these as an option in their restaurants.  I bet there would be plenty of takers.

As far as the chips themselves….they are kettle cooked and have a nice crunch to them.   The sea salt and pepper are nice and even-neither overpowers the other.  I would have enjoyed more of a slight  more slight lean to the pepper-side, but that is just me.

Lotta people around here that are super Whatta-loyal, so these could really take off. I hope they do.  Can’t wait to try the other flavors so stay tuned!