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20 Mar

Don-ettes? Dough-nettes?  Yeah- let’s go with that.

Another return from Hostess “Sweetest Comeback” campaign are these beloved mini-donuts.

Chocolate covered Devil’s Food cake donuts.   I mean, how better can life get?   These and a carton of some ice-cold chocolate milk?

Fuggheddabout it.     I do have to point out that like other Hostess items… they have returned smaller in size.   Still tasty though.




ZINGERS for all

10 Mar

Yes I know Zingers have returned to places like Kroger and Wal-Mart, but until I could find them in vending machines or convenient stores – I didn’t consider the “comeback” complete.

Well now I have, so they are indeed now “back” and in full speed.  This is how I remember Zingers.  Not in the box of 12 – but rather the 3 pack that I would find at school or the SEV.  (7-11).

These – just like the ones in the 12 pack – are smaller than you remember but taste probably 90% how you remember.   The frosting on these seems a little thinner  than I remember but it’s still awesome to have these babies back on the shelf.

Ne-Mo’s Banana Cake

28 Jan

The fact that you can’t find NE-MO Cakes everywhere is absolutely CRIMINAL.   They make some of the freshest….moistest….delicious-est….and about six other “ests” that I can’t even think up right now.   They are simply…awesome.   And I hate when people describe things as awesome.   It should truly inspire AWE if it’s awesome and damn if these cakes don’t do just that.

This is banana cake with some sweet frost on top.  It was demolished before I got a block down the street.   I have never had a bad product from these people.   Trouble is…. I can’t find them as often as I would like.   I have been lucky recently and found them at a QT store…sitting the refrigerated section….calling out to passersby.    So hopefully QT will continue to stock them.   It’s been awhile since I have had them and was overjoyed with this square of perfection.


27 Nov

WOOOO!!!!!   Found these at WALMART!

Sometimes things ARE worth the wait.    With the announcement that Hostess was closing let me thinking about what life would be like without Red Raspberry Zingers.    Perish the thought — as Hostess was saved and now they are back and just like I remember…..uh…only smaller…  Either way they are welcomed back with open arms at the JFC compound.

Damn good snacky-snack-cake….WOO!!!!!

Double Banana Nut Filled Muffins

25 Oct

Hey-soose Marumba!

I found these at WalMart (their Great Value brand) and my ex-pec-tay-shions were pretty low.    More often than not these gimmicky items are all sizzle and NO steak.

Shut. My. Mouth.  These are exceptional!    They start with a good-sized traditional banana nut muffin but once you take a big bite you see that they have a banana-cream-pudding-center in them that is DA BOOOOOOMMMMBB!!!    Easily the absolute best Banana Muffin I have had in years….and the best “Great Value” branded product I have ever purchased.    SCORE!!!!!!!


10 Oct

Never was a big TWINKIE fan even though I do enjoy them.   Nope…for me… ZINGERS were the snack cake of choice.   After Hostess shut down I bought several boxes of Zingers before they all but disappeared.     The world – and me – thought it was forever.

And we were wrong.   Hostess got bought and all things snack cakes have returned.  Zingers, for some reason, are the less-loved-step-children in this group it seems.  They hardly get any promotion or marketing.   Hostess has been back for weeks if not months now.

And…finally…. we get Zingers back on the shelf.  It’s about damn time.   And of course……the ones I want….RED RASPBERRY…which are the best Zinger flavor of all time….are nowhere to be found.     Just the chocolate…er…I mean Devil’s Foo.   hmmmm.     Don’t get me wrong, they are great.   But they ain’t Red Raspberry Zingers.     My search continues…..


20 Aug

So it’s been a few months and Hostess has brought back the Twinkie and a few other items.  Are you finding them easy to find?

Randomly shopping and I am noticing there are still several places without your beloved Hostess snacky-snack-snacks.

I feel your pain.  I too am waiting.  Not for Twinkies.

But for those amazing ZINGERS to return!

Keep ya hopes alive!