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13 Feb

UntitledBaby, now THIS is what I’m Talking about, yo!!!

Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter creme filling!

These things are the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, THE SEV, comes up with something yummy as HELL.   If you love chocolate…if you love peanut butter..if you love them together in cupcake form….this is the sweet treat you have been waiting for!


28 Oct

UntitledJust when I think we are done, Debbie manages to figure out a way to make us go together again. These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

These Fudge-dipped Strawberry Cakes right here????

Oh my damn….these are the best Little Debbie snack I have ever had. I love the taste of strawberry and fudge/chocolate so these are right out of my mind and into my mouth.  Very simple and did I mention these things are @##(*)(ing incredible when dipped in chocolate milk?  WOO!


10 Oct

UntitledKeep an eye out, snack fans.   Hostess is looking to make Halloween special with new versions of your old favorites.

Those Glo Balls look cool…scary cakes…eh… but those twinkies….look kinda  gross…..or is it just me?


1 Sep

UntitledI’m not usually much of a “brownie” person but man these hit the spot and my sweet tooth.

It’s a two-pack of light and chocolate-y brownies with mini M&M’s sprinkled on top.

It’s exactly the kind of sweet-treat that will keep me quiet and make me forget about the drama and idiot-people in my life for awhile.


1 Oct


This is GENIUS.

At first glance, seeing that this package of Twinkies came with Minion stickers…I was kinda like …meh…

I mean I guess it’s cool to dress up the Twinkie but I am not in the mood for dressing-up Twinkies.

BUT…. upon closer inspection, I notice the stickers are EDIBLE!!!

Yeah you can build a Minion and then eat the damn thing!

Now that’s COOL!


29 Aug

OMG.  These Chocodiles.  These Chocodiles. OMG.

It has been FOREVER since I have had one of these.   I could only find them on the west coast back in the day.

It’s a chocolate dipped Twinkie – transformed into the


Hostess is GENIUS for making them available nationwide.

Back in the day, they were only available if you lived in an area close to one of their plants or overstock shops.   The chocolate would not travel well sitting on trucks for days to cross-country – so they were only available locally.

But now that Twinkies and other Hostess items are all shipped frozen or cold storage – they can now find their way into everyone’s home.

If you have read this blog at all you probably know I am a ZINGER person.  I don’t even really like Twinkies…but something about simply dipping them in chocolate makes them a ZILLION times better.

I found these only at Walmart for right now….

But don’t just take my word for it on how good they are–





X-MEN Twinkies – Strawberry

26 Jun

Okay so the movie has been out for a while but this is the first time I am seeing the movie-tie-in product in my local stores.

These are EXTREME CREME Twinkies – Strawberry flavored.

These are actually not bad.    The picture makes it look more like a jelly or something…but what you get is the basic Twinkie with a little red food dye in the creme and some strawberry flavoring added.

Does give a boring sponge cake a little kick.  To me anyway.

I hear there are some “Blue Raspberry” out there..but I haven’t found them.   Those sound yummy.


20 Mar

Don-ettes? Dough-nettes?  Yeah- let’s go with that.

Another return from Hostess “Sweetest Comeback” campaign are these beloved mini-donuts.

Chocolate covered Devil’s Food cake donuts.   I mean, how better can life get?   These and a carton of some ice-cold chocolate milk?

Fuggheddabout it.     I do have to point out that like other Hostess items… they have returned smaller in size.   Still tasty though.




ZINGERS for all

10 Mar

Yes I know Zingers have returned to places like Kroger and Wal-Mart, but until I could find them in vending machines or convenient stores – I didn’t consider the “comeback” complete.

Well now I have, so they are indeed now “back” and in full speed.  This is how I remember Zingers.  Not in the box of 12 – but rather the 3 pack that I would find at school or the SEV.  (7-11).

These – just like the ones in the 12 pack – are smaller than you remember but taste probably 90% how you remember.   The frosting on these seems a little thinner  than I remember but it’s still awesome to have these babies back on the shelf.

Ne-Mo’s Banana Cake

28 Jan

The fact that you can’t find NE-MO Cakes everywhere is absolutely CRIMINAL.   They make some of the freshest….moistest….delicious-est….and about six other “ests” that I can’t even think up right now.   They are simply…awesome.   And I hate when people describe things as awesome.   It should truly inspire AWE if it’s awesome and damn if these cakes don’t do just that.

This is banana cake with some sweet frost on top.  It was demolished before I got a block down the street.   I have never had a bad product from these people.   Trouble is…. I can’t find them as often as I would like.   I have been lucky recently and found them at a QT store…sitting the refrigerated section….calling out to passersby.    So hopefully QT will continue to stock them.   It’s been awhile since I have had them and was overjoyed with this square of perfection.