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22 Aug

Arby's Meatball SubYeah.  I said sammich.  I said meatball sammich and Arby’s in the same sentence.

It’s a happening.   You know Arby’s has the meats..and now that includes balls.

And you know what?  It’s a pretty damn good sammich.  I was surprised.  It is HUGE and comes on a tender and soft bun that just soaks up that sauce. That sauce isn’t overly seasoned or anything, just a nice tomato-y sauce covered in some provolone cheese on top of four big-boy meatballs.   This thing fills you up with the quickness.   I am not sure who Arby’s is going after with this sammich, but if I was SUBWAY, I would be worried.  It destroys Subway’s meatball sammich.  Like, for real.


2 Feb

Arby's French DipI don’t often visit Arby’s.   When I do I am always sorta surprised by the variety of things on their menu.  I thought they just sold roast beef sammiches, curly fries, and jamocha shakes.

Turns out they make all kinds of sammiches.

Today I opted for the French Dip & Swiss.   It’s your basic roast beef and swiss on a sub roll with some French Au Jus sauce for dipping.

This thing is pretty big and filling.   It’s also pretty salty.  The meat anyway.  The roll was soft and tender and was perfect for a big sammich like this.    I got the Au Jus, and it was served warm and did add a tremendous saltiness to the sammich – but it also doubled the flavor too.  It really sort of melted all the cheesy-meaty-bready flavors into one nice crescendo of …uh..meaty goodness?  Having been let down the last couple of visits I can see me ordering this again if I was monster-hungry.  Otherwise it’s a little overwhelming.  Try sharing one with some of their awesome curly fries and some shakes.

QT Bacon Egg and Cheese Kolache

15 Dec

QT Bacon Cheese and Egg KolacheI am ridiculously picky when it comes to breakfast.   I can’t stand many fast food choices.   They all involve egg and those eggs rarely taste like eggs for some reason.

But QT (or QuikTrip if you prefer) have been knocking it out of the park lately with their offerings in the newly remodeled QT locations.

Called QT Kitchens, they offer sammiches and pizza and breakfast items.

On my way out-of-town I stopped for gas and the photo of this kolache was too seductive.   So I went inside and a couple of minutes later I got what you see to the left.    The pic might be misleading because it looks huge.  It’s actually the size of your palm.   But it’s just enough of to get your morning wheels spinning.

Not sure why, but the bacon is on the outside of this sammich.  I rather dig that.  So much so, it’s the actual reason I bought it.   I would later discover that these are frozen and cooked in one of those super-convection/confection/microwave-y thingies that can cook, toast, and brown foods in seconds.   So the bacon on top gets cooked extra crispy and the rest is tender.   It’s clever actually because the entire sammich was cooked perfectly.    So alot of science went into this I expect.   Or maybe I am over-reaching.  I just enjoyed it.  Go get you one.


17 Jan

This place has some cool funk and atmosphere.  You get that full-on-upfront when you walk into the West Village location of this eatery.  I dig it already.  TV’s…lots of stuff to check out while you wait for your sammich.   Conversation starter type stuff like old record covers and wacky pictures and articles.

I got your average Roast Beef, cheese, peppers, and onions served up hot on a very delicious bread.   I love that my sammich was made hot and fresh on a grill…not run through a toaster…or microwaved.   The portion size was hefty…as was the bill… my simple sammich was 7.50 or so.  Again…I liked the sammich..but had I ordered a drink and some chips I might be looking at 12 bucks for the meal.   That’s just a bit steep.

On the other hand, they offer these LOADED sammiches that sound insanely tasty and would fill-up anybody’s hungry belly.   They all have like… six or seven ingredients piled on that bread — so I think if you have a hearty appetite and choose one of those sammiches…the price would probably be a steal.    Either way once you get your sammich, you are gonna feel at home in this place.  It just has that cool-chill-vibe about it.  At least it did the night I showed up.   Price aside, you might find a new favorite here, so I recommend you give it a shot.


Which Wich

26 Dec

So you are probably out returning those lame-o gifts.  You will need fuel to keep ya going.

WHICH WICH has been popping up steady in the last few years here in the DFW.   When they first appeared I wasn’t impressed.

Passing one during my shopping adventures…I decided to give them a second chance….and it was the closest thing near me at the time.

I LOVE that you fill-out your order ahead of time on the bag your sammich comes in.  This should pretty much guarantee you get exactly what you asked for.   Very little room for error, here.

Bread, meats, veggies…all fresh and tasty.  I had a cold-cut sammich so I am wondering if that was my original error.  I usually get a meatball as my first foray into a sammich shop.   With the success of this last trip I plan on returning to take on the meatball again to see if that has improved since last time.

Is U Is or Is U Ain’t My Sammich

16 Dec

Quizno’s is having a bit of a crisis, me thinks.   A few years ago I went there for the very first time and had this big honkin’ meatball sammich.   Months later I was told they don’t carry them anymore.   Then two years later I see them again at one store, but not at another.   2012 I see they are back.  Then gone again.

2013 and now they are back again.   In all this time, I have been told they were “discontinued”.    Now on the menu it says “limited time only”  “new recipe”.

hmmmmm.   Okie dokie.   You have suckered me again into ordering.   These meatballs are small compared to the previous version.  Nice texture and flavor…but little to no seasoning.   All the seasoning is in the sauce and the dry seasoning sprinkled on the top out of the shaker after it comes out of the oven.   The sauce is good but kinda thin.   This would haunt me later.  Cheese is nice and string-y…and that Rosemary-Parm bread is great.

I take that photo…which looks awesome if I do say so myself.   I get up to grab some napkins and in that 20 seconds something …..chemical happens….and it all goes wrong.   The watery consistency of the sauce absolutely soaks the bottom half of the bread.   So when I pick it up, the whole shebang falls through the weakened middle and onto the plate.   I have to finish the sammich with a fork and my messy fingers.  I looked like a crime-scene.

(by this time I had put my phone away so I couldn’t dig my messy hands into the pocket for the “after” photo)

Still a good sammich, but plenty of room for improvement.   Maybe layer that cheese on the bread first as a barrier?  Not let the sauce get so watery and thin?   I have a feeling by the time I get back there to ask, it will be discontinued again.


4 Jul

Ah….Spaghetti Warehouse.   Home of that fantastic Sourdough bread and garlic butter.   Lord knows I have unsuccesfully petitioned to have garlic bread made into its own food group.

But I digress…

My last visit I was surrounded by legions of leggy, sexy, volleyball players.  Evidently there was some sort of tournament in town and this barrage of beauties were there to carb-up!     So the “eye candy” was kickin’!   Not to mention they were SO LOUD I could hear their conversations – which were HYSTERICAL.

In the mood for something different from my normal SW order, I had your basic meatball sammich.   It came with a mountain of french fries which were kinda bland.   I kept thinking if these were jazzed-up-italian-parm-fries it would have been a better compliment to the sammich.

The sammich itself was rather disappointing.   Three small meatballs, some sauce, cheese, all on a bun that was so stale/hard I had to use my knife to saw through it into smaller bite-sized pieces.   I was surprised because I have had the meatballs with spaghetti before and they have always been so juicy and tender.  These were just dry and lifeless.  Not to mention small.  Judging by the size of the bun, there was room for at least two more dry-balls on there.

It’s not something I would order again.  I will go back to my normal faves.

BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwiches

3 Jul

Burger King has never been a place I think of when I think breakfast-on-the-go.  They did have those “cini-minis” that I liked.  Which if you read this often you know  if I like something it will never last long.

Flash forward to the other day and I was running errands and I decided to see what BK was up to these days breakfast-wise.    The muffin sammiches looked promising so I ordered one of each:

One Bacon, Egg, and Cheese  and a Ham, Egg, and Cheese sammich to share.    The bite I had of the ham-egg-cheese  wasn’t that great.  Ham was a little rubbery so one bite was all I could stand.

Mine on the other hand…bacon-egg-cheese was actually pretty good.    The eggs were fluffy but I am not certain if they are some sort of egg-beaters or freshly made eggs.  The bacon was smoky, crispy, and crunchy.   The cheese was actually the dominate flavor of the whole thing.

To be honest I am not up early enough to eat drive-thru breakfastes, but it’s nice to know I got a new option at BK.  I wouldn’t get the ham…but that bacon sammich hit the spot!


22 May

I truly feel like BK is going for McDonald’s throat with this one.  The McRib sammich has been around for decades, so to take it on is a pretty bold move.

A move I totally support.  I was right there with Burger King TWO YEARS AGO when they had REAL ribs.  You can read about that here.  The ribs proved too expensive but BK would not abandon the rib idea.

Meanwhile, Mickey D’s has been doing some heavy shuck-n-jive with the McRib for the last few years.   I think that is about to bite them in the rump.

Will they bring it back?  Is this the LAST TIME you EVER get one?????  Of course they will.  Settle down.

Meahwhile, back at the BK camp…they quietly developed their own version and rolled it out to some serious SHOCK and AWE by foodies.  I mean WHO takes on the McRib and that cult of fans?

Burger King, that’s who.   Ronald could learn a thing or two here because there are several things to like about this sammich.

 ONE:   BK doesn’t try to just fool anyone into thinking it’s a “real rack of ribs”.    Something about that pre-formed shape comes off fun to some, but others find it a reminder that this is a processed mix of meat.   BK just took the direct approach and made it look very similar to your basic Whopper.

TWO:  Burger King can do something that McDonald’s can NEVER do.   CHAR.  For me, this is the best-selling point.   BBQ always been about three things:  meat, sauce, and CHAR.   My sammich took a couple of minutes of waiting, but there were grill marks, and some char around the edges.

THREE:   Timing.    The McRib usually rolls out in OCTOBER.  This all but guarantees some nice bit of bread for the McPockets at the end of the year.  But with Burger King releasing their sammich going into a HUGE BBQ weekend and showcasing it ALL SUMMER LONG???  I think come October, the unique-ness of a rib-sammich will be over – and – IF the BK Rib sammich is good?   Then the McRib can consider it’s 2013 McRib campaign-thunder officially STOLEN.


I think it’s a damn fine sammich.   I like it.    I plan on having it several times this summer.   I really think that char-taste sells it to my brain and taste buds – that I am having some BBQ sammich fresh off the grill.  The pickles aren’t special and it could use more sauce, but overall it’s good a good rib taste to it.  It was simple and to the point.  Granted:  it was also made fresh.   Getting a not-so-freshly-made-one could be a totally different experience.

It doesn’t have the SIZZLE of the McRib, with it’s fancy shape and whatever- but when it comes to SIZZLE vs. STEAK – I take STEAK every time and this sammich has rib…..uh…steak….you know what the hell I meant.

**Actually if they had used that jalapeno BBQ sauce that they DISCONTINUED (STOOPID MOVE) this sammich would rock ten times more.

Subway Nightmare

7 Feb

Imagine you are Subway.  Not the transportation service, but the sammich company.   You have spent YEARS building your brand.  You have slowly taken over the world.   There is a Subway within a block of my home in each direction.   It’s literally everywhere.

Now imagine that some random person actually measured your “footlong” sammiches and discovered more often than not, they aren’t FOOTlongs.  More like 11 and a half inches.   That person posts his discovery and pictures on Facebook.   BOOM!    Instant DRAMA!

I was at Subway today and I asked the friendly girl working how this has affected them.   She tells me that in her local store, the bread is normally OVER 12 inches and has been admonished by corporate for being OVER.

Now that  the Facebook drama has exploded, she tells me her store is required to MEASURE all bread loaves.   They are to write-off the smaller ones for six-inch subs and throw away the rest.

I can see both sides here.   As a consumer, I want what I paid for.   As a business, what a NIGHTMARE.   I can imagine some intern busting into the boardroom :

“uhm…..Facebook is saying our sammiches are coming up short and there is oh…10 thousand people forming a bandwagon…..sir.”

Subway sort of down played this at the beginning but now has issued statements to stores to MEASURE  the bread?  wow. How intense is it around the Subway offices these days because someone got funny with a tape measure?

The world.   She hangs in delicate balance.

If I ran Subway, I would have had fun with it.   I would have picked a day to offer FREE ONE INCH SAMMICHES to anyone and everyone that wanted one.    Problem solved and you look like a HERO.

I’m just sayin’.