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22 Apr

 We heard you.   We got the txts, the tweets, the emails, the voicemails, the death-threats, and the singing telegrams.   You wanted MORE Junk Food Critic videos.  You wanted less randomness.  You wanted more graphics, better production value, nicer video, and better sound quality.   You asked for the host to talk more about the actual food and be clearer in what we liked and what we didn’t.   We heard your cries, pleas, and suggestions.

And we reject them all.

JUNK FOOD CRITIC is back in all it’s wacky, crazy, who-knows…..because-the-host-doesn’t-even- know- what- the-hell- is-gonna- happen- each- episode…..GLORY. ENJOY.

Collin Street Bakery

11 Aug

On the road and I am near something called the Collin Street Bakery.  It’s known for its fruit cake.

I don’t think I have ever had a fruit cake.

I walk in with about 40 minutes left before they close.  The cases are almost all but empty.  They have had a good day.  Lots of customers and I suppose tons of sweets sold.

The nice lady behind the counter gave me a free cookie to chow down on while I looked around…..and again there isn’t much to look at.

Free cookie…so I am totally feeling obligated now to buy SOMEthing…..but I don’t see anything that strikes me.

I finally get to their famous fruit cake section.   They are in all shapes and sizes and come in these gift tins.   They look great so I pick a small one since I have never had one before…and the sticker shock …. something like 18 bucks…for the smallest one….. slighty bigger than my hand……I was like…uh….okaaaayyy…

I will just have to get over the guilt of the free sample cookie because I left empty-handed.