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8 Aug

UntitledI can’t lie here… I bought this only because I though the picture and name looked/sounded cool.  Not the Tombstone part….the Roadhouse part.   Roadhouse pizza just sounds rustic and tavern-y and good.  Like the kind of unique pie I would find and adore in a local hole-in-the-wall-bar that nobody knows about.

Twenty minutes or so later this thing came out looking almost just like the picture…and the taste was pretty damn awesome.

There was many pepperonis on here and they were very nice to me.   A slight spicy bite and burnt edges. Yum.  The cheese was gooey and stringy and melty.   Good flavor here too.   The Sauce was the best sauce I have ever had on a Tombstone pizza.  I don’t know if it is new or just never noticed it before.  It was perfect……and all of this was almost wrecked by a pretty bland-hard-disc-of-a-thawed-out-freezer-burn-type-crust.

This is why I never buy Tombstones.  I don’t like the crust.   Excellent toppings on a cheap tasting crust.   Frownie Face.






13 May

TGIF, hello??   Ricky takes center stage again today and puts his own spin on a classic DFW pizza war.  Pizza Inn vs. Pizza Hut.  Which classic pizzeria will he choose?   Which would you choose?  And what are you thoughts on Honey Mustard?  Find out below!


20 Apr

UntitledBlaze Pizza is one of those build-your-own-assembly-line-pizza places.   The staff at the Arlington location were all super-friendly and helpful with new customers.  The pies were larger than I expected and I think it was around nine bucks which I thought was pretty reasonable considering I had nine toppings.

I have to say that while we (well mostly them…they…) assembled my pie I could not be happier with how all the ingredients looked. Top drawer.  Super-fresh.   I was getting pretty hyped because this would be my new go-to if they tasted half as good as they looked.

In minutes I paid and was given this masterpiece of my own creation.   I could not wait to tear into this like that Ralph from Rampage.* (it’s a classic video game reference…google it…and keep up kids)

Lordy….Lordy….these toppings…the cheese…the sauce…it’s all so very good. But there is something amiss.   The crust is clearly the weakest link here.  It has a texture of a premade crust and it didn’t rise or change at all during the cooking process.   I was there 45 minutes before they were to close so maybe I just got an older crust or something?    It was just slightly off and torpedoed an otherwise perfect pie.


25 Nov

Old Chicago Pizza and Tap RoomThis still-kinda-new pizza and beer joint is located in Dallas at the Mockingbird Station shopping area.   It’s design is simple and the staff seemed friendly enough on my recent visit.   I got a small pie to go and what you see is what I got.   It took 20 minutes or so despite the place being pretty empty.

So I was kinda surprised to learn that the “Chicago Thick” style crust on their menu does NOT mean Chicago-style-deep-dish.   Which is what I was expecting.  What I got was the same kind of deep-dish you would expect from say…a Pizza Hut or something.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good.   It was a great pan pizza.  One of the best ones I have had in a long time, in fact.  I would totally get it again and eat at this place if I am nearby and craving pizza.    It’s just sort of a head-fake that a place that has “Chicago” in the name..and offers a “Chicago-thick” style pizza….turns out to NOT be deep-dish in that Chicago tradition you might be expecting…so know that going in…and then enjoy some good pizza while you are there.


#1fan review:  QT BREAKFAST PIZZA

28 Sep

UntitledWe got fans.  Several handfuls of fans even.   Our number one fan is a guy we call “Babba Ganoush”.    He reads and emails us a lot about food here in the DFW.   We find him pretty funny.    He sent in a review of his own so here it is….

Ok JFC fans, it’s breakfast time! What’dya want? Sausage gravy and biscuits? Scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon? How about… All of it. QT is a staple for the JFC crew and their breakfast pizza ain’t no light lunch. Roll those biscuits out, use the gravy for a sauce and top it with sausage, bacon and cheese.
This isn’t for those that never liked their peas and mashed taters touching on the plate, but the QT kitchen makes them all blend really well. If it’s after 6AM and before the regular pizza comes out the oven– look for these breakfast monsters.


17 Aug


This HAS to be the cheapest date night you can have with yourself.  Or with someone if you both aren’t that hungry.

TWO dollars and Seventy-nine cents (okay…it’s actually like $3.03 with tax) at The Sev, and you get a Big Gulp, two slices of pizza, and a coupon for a FREE RedBox rental (which are normally just outside the front door of The Sev).

After a particularly horrible day, this might be the perfect end to that “perfect” day.   Pizza and a flick for $3.03 is just silly-cheap.

Available now at every single Sev I pass, so jump on it now.


26 Jun

UntitledQuikTrip (QT to his friends)  Has stepped up their game so fast and so hard since hitting Texas a few years ago.   Most have converted to the QT Kitchens concept which offers made-to-order items such as pizzas and pretzels and breakfast sammiches.

This $3.49 combo is a killer deal.  You get a 32oz drink of choice and a pretty nice sized slice of pizza.  It’s cheaper than any fast food combo or mall-food-court deal you will find.

It’s also ready to go for most of the day (I think they stop serving it around 10pm) so that is incredibly convenient and the pizza (available in pepperoni and supreme) is pretty good so if you haven’t tried it you should give it a shot the next time you are looking for some cheap eats that will fill you up!


9 Jun

UntitledI have seen these in the stores many many times and just walked on by.

I really shouldn’t because I might be passing up a good thing here but I am always tricked into thinking that the “name brands” are ALWAYS the best.

Damn marketing people.

Once you actually stop and stare at the picture…I mean damn…that looks sooooo good.

I even LOVE how they cut the oblong pie into slices on the cover.    And roasted garlic and pepperoni???  SOLD.

 Back to the JFC testing facilities and we have ignition.    Heat adjusted to the proper temperature and the timer is set to cook for the appropriate time.

What I slide out a few minutes later is actually one of the better frozen pizzas I have had in a while.

The crust is light and crisp.  Honestly I could have used a bit more sauce but the pepperoni, garlic, and cheese were all full of flavor and tasted like a better quality of product than I was originally expecting.

So resist your programming and try some alternative brands some times.  You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.

An all around solid pie here folks.

CEC Revisited

20 Apr

UntitledIt was way back in 2012 when I talked about the revamped offerings at Chuck E. Cheese.  You can read that old stuff here.

As a kid I loved Chuck’s pizza.  (Yeah yeah yeah…I have heard all my life how much it sucked…but I liked it…so let’s continue)

When they revamped in 2012 I was actually impressed.  It tasted even better than the original….artisan, even.  Admittedly I only tried the pizza because I figured they wouldn’t DARE mess with their kick-ass “Italian Breadsticks”.

Sigh…and of course that means they screwed with the breadsticks.  On my most recent visit I got pizza and the ‘stix.   What I got is up and to the left.   If you are thinking it looks like CRAZY BREAD from Little Caesar’s you are thinking the same thing I was.  They were doughy and not even close to the originals.   I am not happy.

But at least there is the new pizza……

UntitledAnd here we go…I think they have changed their pizza again.   Gone are the slight char-marks and the cheese blend.   The zesty sauce and the pepperoni with a kick.  What I got here was a dry crusted pie.   That almost seemed like a defrosted dough-disk topped with some slightly tomato-y sauce and your basic cheese and pepperoni.   A far cry from the happy-surprise that was the pizza back in 2012.

Will it be another three years before I set foot in a CEC again???

PLUM Pizza Minis – Cheese and Pepperoni

6 Apr

UntitledI have seen these dozens of times at my local Target.  Never bought them because…I would just buy a full-sized pizza.  Duh.

But shopping today I am (A) hungry (B) these look so good on the package, and (C) I have a gaming marathon planned so these will come in handy.

If I devour a whole box of these, somehow I reason, I will not feel as gluttonous as I might if I demolished a whole pie.

Just go with it.

So if you make the “OK” symbol with your fingers…and separate the pointer finger from your thumb a scootch… you will get the size of these things.   I call them “poppers” because you can pop one in your mouth and not have to hit pause on the game or lose your place in the action.

These have some nice flavors to them.   They obviously are alot better looking than some Totino’s Pizza rolls but then again you get more in a bag for about the same price I think.

If you have kids or a small party going on, these would be a nice go-to move for a quick bite that would satisfy.