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3 Aug

UntitledOkay first of all I love the name.   Caesar talks like me.  We could be mates.   Pizza. Pizza.

The concept is simple.  It’s….wait…

…it tells you on the box…duh.

So yeah – the most cheese and the most pepperoni for six bucks.   I have always been a fan of LC….their square pizzas mainly…but I like round too…

UntitledThe first thing I noticed was the crust is thicker than normal.  I am sure this is to handle the weight of all that extra cheese and meat.

I really liked the thicker crust.  This pizza has some serious HEFT to it.   It’s solid and filling.   It’s also twice as greasy as their regular pie… you can see …there was so much grease that it soaked through the box and was actually seeping into my car seat…..

…..but DAMN this pie was AWESOME!!!!!  The extra REALLY sets it off.   Get a side of CRAZY SAUCE to go with and you got one hell of a pizza night.

They TOTALLY need to keep this on the menu.   Or at least in the rotation of specials.   DEFINITELY worth it.



27 Mar

UntitledLove the look of this place.  It’s got a great vibe to it.   Laid-back-loft is what it reminds me of.

The staff was helpful and friendly and I ordered ya basic two meat pie.   I chilled in the cool joint and waited for my pizza.

While waiting I got a call so I changed my order to go.  What you see is what I got.    It’s a good pizza but…



23 Mar

 Oh….ALDI.   How you continue to surprise me.

The thing with Aldi (which you can either love or hate) is that you have to start over.  You go into that store having NO idea if their chips are as good as the ones you normally buy….so to me it’s an adventure…trying everything all over again for the first time.

Take this pizza for example.  I was so very happy with this pie.  The crust, sauce, and toppings all worked well together.   It was full of flavor at a cheaper price than other pizzas in the same category.   Win. Win.   This would be the perfect pie to cook for you…or some friends and have a movie night or watch a game and chow down.


9 Mar

UntitledWell this is bittersweet.   City Pizza & Wings in Irving is now located in what used to be a small carryout-only Pizza Inn location.   The only Pizza Inn location in Irving that I can think of.    That sucks.   I miss Pizza Inn.

So when I saw that it was converted to City Pizza I was beyond curious.   Their menu is not just pizza and wings.  They have several things.    Lots of choices and reasons to try this place.  I figured I would start with a simple pepperoni pie and I was blown away!   It’s easily one of the best pizzas I have had in Irving in the last couple of years.  That crust is KILLER!!!!  It’s very light and tender with a slight chew.  The cheese was super-gooey and there was ample pepperoni.   I should have asked for extra sauce on the side so I could dip those bones (the end crusts) because they were puffy and made perfect breadsticks on their own.   The only drawback is their topping selection.  It’s pretty basic and standard so if you are looking to get all kray-kray with artisan pies, this is not the place for you.   This is a super-solid pie from a great little mom-n-pop type joint.  The kind of place I love to talk about and spread the word on.  I hope they have great success and last a long time in ol’ crooked i.


16 Feb

UntitledZA LAT Pizza is great for late-night eaters since it is open until 4am on the weekends. It’s your basic-no-frills-mostly-take-out-and-delivery-pizzeria.  Hitting it around 10 pm one night and there was already a line for to-go pies.

Since I am new to this joint, I ordered your basic pepperoni.   That is exactly what I got.   The price for a single topping pizza was almost $14 dollars.    Ouch.  The crust was super-super thin.  Barely any sauce.   Fair amount of cheese and ‘roni…but it just seemed too little for that premium price.

$14 at Fireside Pies, I get.   $14 at Cane Rosso, I get.   This I don’t get…. or will get again.


9 Feb

UntitledHmmm… pizza sticks…sounds awesome.

In reality….they are just longer pizza rolls.

In the microwave (which is touted on the box) these  things are HORRIBLE.  They are gooey and sloppy..and not in a good way.  They bubbled and split open….so all the insides were stuck to the microwave turntable.  Good times.

Cooked in an oven?  (which takes 30 mins or so by the by) they ….weren’t…..bad.  Nice crunch and the insides remained intact.   But who is gonna oven these things?   If I was, why not just do a full-on pizza?   Pass.


8 Aug

UntitledI can’t lie here… I bought this only because I though the picture and name looked/sounded cool.  Not the Tombstone part….the Roadhouse part.   Roadhouse pizza just sounds rustic and tavern-y and good.  Like the kind of unique pie I would find and adore in a local hole-in-the-wall-bar that nobody knows about.

Twenty minutes or so later this thing came out looking almost just like the picture…and the taste was pretty damn awesome.

There was many pepperonis on here and they were very nice to me.   A slight spicy bite and burnt edges. Yum.  The cheese was gooey and stringy and melty.   Good flavor here too.   The Sauce was the best sauce I have ever had on a Tombstone pizza.  I don’t know if it is new or just never noticed it before.  It was perfect……and all of this was almost wrecked by a pretty bland-hard-disc-of-a-thawed-out-freezer-burn-type-crust.

This is why I never buy Tombstones.  I don’t like the crust.   Excellent toppings on a cheap tasting crust.   Frownie Face.