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14 Aug

UntitledOh the force is strong in this can.  I can tell.  The nutrition label does NOT list the amount of MIDICHLORIANS to be found per serving.   Odd, that.

You know, as a kid watching the Original Star Wars trilogy for the first time, I found Darth Vader to be extremely intimidating and imposing.   A total bad ass.  He was the height of bad-assery…and deservedly so.

Seeing him now hawking “fun shaped pasta in tomato and cheese sauce” sort of…I don’t know…..leaves me feeling…..meh.



29 Jul

UntitledAnother 99 cent bargain from the Walgreens.   This is a blend of peanuts, raisins, banana chips, mango, pineapple, and cashews.   Kinda of a different blend than I see normally in trail mixes and the go together well.   This is another great item from that “Nice!” brand that you can throw in a bag or keep in your desk when those snack-attacks hit you.


25 Jun

UntitledSo I am in the Powerade camp more often than I am in the Gatorade camp.   It’s nothing personal but I just happen to like certain Powerade flavors better than most Gatorades.

This is not one of those times.

“White Cherry” sounded so good at the time I bought it.  While it does have some cherry-ness to it, it was pretty “whelming”.

Great to down during a workout but not a flavor I would seek out going forward.


16 Jun

UntitledAcai-Blueberry-Pomegranate.   Yeah, all of that is in this bottle.   With a flavor overload like that I am seriously liking this drink despite the ZERO name.   Because that usually means….

….oh boy….

….and there it is… that artificial (despite being stevia) sweet atertaste flavor that just absolutely kills these drinks for me.    I was so certain I found the drink that defies the stereotype.

But back to the drawing board we go


22 May

UntitledI have shouted from the rooftops…my love for these here chips.   They is KILLER, yo!

I finally got the chance to taste the flavor I was craving even before I tried them… Marinara.

These babes are crispy and light and have a superb blend of tomato, herb, and spice flavoring to them.

Highly snackable and addictive as all get out.   These might be my favorite chip of 2015.

Oh yeah… you heard it here first…. seek them out!!    I have found them at Minyard Sun Fresh Market (for 3.99) and Walmart (for 2.99).     So yeah… pick them up at Walmart and save a buck.   They aren’t in the chip department – they are by the fresh deli stuff at Walmart so you gotta dig around until you find them but they are SOOOO worth it!


12 May

Untitledohhhh yeah.  Gatorade has me loving them and hating them at the same time.

This new LEMON ICE is the best flavor yet.  It’s light and crisp and the hints of lemon make it a cross between a slightly sweet lemonade and a fresh glass of lemon water.  Either way I love it.

And it’s for a limited time.   And only available at The Sev (7-11).  That…I hate.

So get it while it’s hot.


22 Apr

UntitledFull disclosure:  I am slightly disappointed as I write this because I was expecting these crackers to give me some sort of superpowers.   Turns out FUNLEY’s thinks eating healthy is a superpower.  Go Figure.

Aside from that hiccup, these are actually some pretty tasty crackers.   They have a slightly toasted taste and texture to them so I know they are baked instead of fried.  Which is totally fine.   These have “hidden” additional nutrition to them in the form of added carrot and tomato. I don’t instantly think “pizza” when I crunch on these but I am satisfied with the flavors I am getting.   Probably could have used some oregano in there to really hit home that pizza-ness.

Most “healthy” or “better than…” type crackers usually end up being flavorless cardboard snacks that you need glasses of water to wash down.    These were actually kinda addictive and highly snackable.   Would totally get these again.