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13 Oct

UntitledI know I am gonna catch hell for this, but I don’t care….I will take Raviolios over Chef Boyardee Ravioli….

any.  day.  of.  the.  week.

Better sauce, better meat texture…over all better tasting product.   I haven’t seen this in quite awhile but I am happy to report I found it at Dollar General…for…..a dollar!   So it’s also cheaper!


11 Aug

Untitledohhhhh…my…my…do I dig the hell out of these.   The salt and pepper really give these cashews a new life.  They are so addictive.   I can’t stop eating them.  They are my new favorite thing.


1 Dec

UntitledThe TRUE LEMON brand of products keeps impressing me.   I love their Lemonade.  It’s light and upgrades a normal bottle of water to kick-ass status.

So when I saw this new “Summer Berry Medley” under their Fruit Orchard line I was pretty stoked.

These are sweeter and double the amount of powder from the normal True Lemon products.  This threw me at first because I didn’t think all that needed to go into one bottle.  I thought these for for quart-sized bottles or something.   But no, it’s right as rain because they pack alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll–kinds of flavor into these.

I felt like I was drinking a bottle of super-good-Kool-aid or something.   It’s that damn tasty……without having to clean-up after the Kool-Aid man smashing through my wall for the 1000th time (my insurance company loves me).

This stuff is the bomb!!!




18 Nov


So I am at Jimmy’s Food Store in Dallas picking up some things and this sign tells me to take a pic.   So I do.

(see pic)

Now I have never had LaSanga before and it looks like they sold-out of it anyways but now I am dying to know what LaSanga is.

Have you tried it?

Someone get back at me.


26 Aug

Untitled// I heard that Capri Sun came in a larger size – with different flavors – in packages that were red, green, and blue…I was interested full-time.

A blue Capri Sun?   Maui Cooler?  Yes please!!

And okay Capri sun…mistake number one —because this Capri Sun is sorta apple juice color…NOT blue.

Not being blue is hurtful.   I was so excited.  I loves blue dranks.  Yeah I said dranks.

As for the “maui cooler” part…it sorta just tastes like apple juice with maybe a little something extra to it.   Maui Cooler makes me think tropical or island flavors.  Mango or Pineapple or Coconut or something….so disappointed here.


24 Aug

Sprouts Gummi Bears

Okay let’s get this right, straight away…I don’t even like Gummy Bears.  They are usually too damn hard to chew and the flavor fades faster than Fruit Stripe gum.

But these here Gummies????? THESE GUMMIES?????  From Sprouts grocery store??????

I don’t know who and I don’t care who brought them into the JFC compound but they are going fast.   These things are FANTASTIC.   They have the perfect consistency (not too chewy and hard) and they have great color and some knock-out flavors packed in each bite.

Hear me now, I LOVE these damn Gummies from SPROUTS.  They were like 5 bucks a pound or something on the label here but they are SOOOOOO good.

Did I mention I don’t even LIKE gummie candy?  These are a whole new ballgame.

HAWAIIAN PUNCH – Lemon Berry Squeeze

19 Aug

UntitledCapri Sun should probably be a bit worried at this point.

Okay so it only took 20 years for someone to figure it out, but now Hawaiian Punch has pouches????

Of course you realize this means war.

This Lemon Berry Squeeze is damn fine too.  It’s sweet and lemon-berry-yyyy – like a Strawberry Lemonade.   I was mad thirsty and it hit the spot and gave me all sorts of mixed drink ideas for the grown and sexy folks.  In this battle, we win.   Let Capri Sun and Hawaiian Punch duke it out..I’m gonna sit back and get my juice!