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24 May

UntitledNormally, when you put out something that is almost neon in color….AND that tastes like “blue raspberry” (which I still have yet to find in my own local grocery)…I am usually SOLD!

But this one….kinda meh….and honestly it’s something I could get WAYYYYYY cheaper at a convenient store.   So….  pfft…   not a fan.

My last Szechuan Sauce

21 May

UntitledI’m not sure why I feel sort of melancholy about this sauce.   About the whole “Rick and Morty / McDonald’s” fiasco.

The sauce itself was good….not fantastic or anything.

BUT….the fact that a comedy bit…from a cartoon… could bring this back from the dead….then get national attention for everything that went wrong…and boy did it…. is nothing short of amazing.     Pop Culture is an incredible thing.   It’s the real sauce that binds us all.   More companies should take notice.

McDonald’s Strawberry Lemonade

14 Sep


// there anyone that doesn’t love lemonade?  Like seriously?  Go sit down somewhere.   Lemonade is awesome.  Flavored lemonades are awesomer even.  Sometimes.

I don’t eat much McDonald’s unless it’s a new menu item…and now we have Olivia for that (hee hee hee).   But Mickey D’s does manage to keep some skin in the game with these drinks.

Now (and if my luck holds…it’s for a limited time) they have lemonades.   You can get a frozen or over-ice regular or strawberry version.  I have the over-ice-strawberry here and it was pretty tasty.  Not overly sweet or tart.  Just enough balance so as not to offend.

I also like the mini chunks of real (REAL LIFE!!!!) strawberries floating around in there.  Makes a fun game when I am fishing them out to eat later.   Ok so it’s not actually a fun game but I have a long drive sometimes and radio in this town suuuuucks so I have to do something distracting while driving…besides texting…and finding podcasts…and sending a tweet…and eating ice out of the cup while at the same time trying to get one of the strawberry pieces.