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23 Nov

UntitledOk sweet-drink fans, you know I loves me some LEMONADE.   Love it.  Love it.  Love it.   Never been a big apple juice fan but that Martinelli’s Apple juice is simply delicious.

So whens I sees (that’s how I talk…I write likes I talks…sometimes) they have the Lemonades…I get’s excited.

DESPITE the fact I tried their Watermelon Lemonade and didn’t much care for it….I am hyped for good-ol-regular-lemonades….ades…ades…

And I am taken aback by how much I am not in love with this.  It’s lemon-y and tart and sweet but has an “off” taste to it.   It’s odd to me and I can’t explain it.   And I can’t add it to my shopping list for next week.



24 Sep


Now you know I loves me some lemonade.   So walking around the Wal-Mart deli section (which seems to be a contradiction) I noticed this “Marketside” brand of drinks (that are sorta hard to find so I don’t see them selling many if they keep them hidden like this) and there is a lemonade?  And it’s 88 cents??  SOLD.

It’s not overly sweet, or acidic, or tangy.  It’s kinda mild and I was burning up hot and thirsty so it was smooth and perfect.

Did I mention it’s 88 cents?  Might have to pick up another couple of these now that I am reflecting on it.